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Your face when you ✨F A I L ✨ . So today was the big results day. Lots of nightmares until we got to this day. Like something inside of me knew. When I first made this account I promised to myself to keep it real and so I do. My life has been hectic for the past few months. LPC is a struggle. Now imagine that struggle while working as well. I don’t want to find excuses for my failure but I do need to remind myself some things as well. Funny enough I was trying to be positive and had a nice drink in the fridge in order to open it when I’d receive my “nice” results. Hilarious. After some 4-5 hours of crying I thought to myself that I have worked so damn hard and a fail in one of the 16 exams I’m having this year is nothing. Side note though I managed to get distinctions on my other exams apart from this specific one which is crazy. Everybody is telling me to be proud of that and focus on the good but we know how that works. You can accomplish 20 things but you still think about the one you couldn’t. Due to some technical difficulties I faced during this specific exam (like my keyboard froze and I couldn’t type for 15 minutes 😅) I might be allowed to resit it as a first attempt (woohoo). This was the hardest exam I’ve ever taken and I knew since the first minute I opened it and now it makes sense. To the ones that shared some happy tears today: congratulations you should feel very proud!! 🎉 To the ones who shared some “different” tears: congratulations YOU should as well feel very proud! We are doing this while having to balance so many things and we deserve a well done. Failure is just a reminder to work harder. And as I like to say very often… WE MOVE. #studentlife #lpc #lpcllm #liveprospectus #ulaw #moet #sad #failure #exams #lawstudent #llm #llmlpc #stressed #dissapointed #newgoals #wegotthis #movingforward

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