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Before I officially embark on my next course, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to my family and friends for their unwavering support throughout my Master's in Law journey over the past two years. This experience has been truly enlightening, providing me with a profound understanding of the rule of law and the pursuit of justice. As Lord Denning once said, "Law is not about abstract principles, it is about practical applications." Indeed, studying law has equipped me with valuable skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving and a deep appreciation for the importance of fairness and equity in society. These skills will undoubtedly serve me well in my future endeavours. While I'm currently taking a pause from my legal studies, I'm confident that the knowledge and insights gained will continue to shape my perspective and guide me on my journey ahead. Here's to the future, and the exciting adventures it holds! 🥂✨ #lawgraduate #universityoflaw #newbeginnings Photo credit and big shoutout to my friend wenennopolis - an amazing and incredibly talented photographer 📸

“I had never considered Law until my final year at university. All through school, I enjoyed science and played a lot of sport so always thought that I would become a physiotherapist,” says Joanna who left The Maynard in 2016. However, during her professional placement year at Bath University (where she was reading Sports Science) she worked as a rugby Sports Medic and Physio Assistant and, although she enjoyed the year, she realised it wasn’t what she wanted to do long term. “After my undergraduate, I was looking into my next steps and my cousin suggested a masters in Law. So, I enrolled on the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) at the Bristol campus of the University of Law which I started full-time in 2021. At the same time, I was also applying for paralegal jobs and was fortunate enough to be offered a role fairly quickly at an international firm called DAC Beachcroft. I felt the role was too good to turn down, so I moved my GDL online and started working full-time as a paralegal, whilst also continuing my full-time degree. As tough as it was, it placed me in a good position when applying for future jobs, having already gained a year of legal experience. “I now work at a globally ranked top 20 firm, CMS, in the Insurance Reinsurance Group. I have completed my Solicitors Qualifying Exams One and, later this year, I will complete my two years of Qualifying Work Experience needed to qualify as a solicitor. “When I was at The Maynard, I never expected to have to re-take a year of my A-levels due to mental health, then I never expected to get three years into what I thought was going to be my career and decide it wasn’t for me. But I wouldn’t change any of it! My advice to anyone who is undecided about what they want to do is not to stress too much. Although it’s important to work hard, you really don’t need to have everything figured out yet (even though I know it can feel like everyone else around you does!).” #goingplaces #solicitor #law #sportscience #paralegal #universityoflaw

Last one to round off a wonderful few days at graduation 🙌🎓 #graduation #uni #education #jonasbrothers #wafflehouse  Read more

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Cant wait for the second round of graduation today 🎓🙌 #graduation #uni #education #jonasbrothers #wafflehouse  Read more

cannot believe this all happened in one week🤯 grateful to God for amazing people & an amazing new chapter🫶🏾 (‼️stream goodbye by fiithecuratorr, co-written by me✍🏾)

Solicitor of England & Wales or sumn like that 🤷🏽 ♀️🤭👩🏾 🎓🎉. A journey that’s unfolding , but yayy mama I made it!😩 (slide 8 is her - you see, in this life be Relevant okay? 😂😂😂😂 Because why am I now hearing I’m her baby girl after completing law school?😭) • • Also a huge supporter gave specific instructions in Slide 5 and I’m just tryna follow. Apparently when you take photos , you have to post them🤔. • • Power Suit : style_by_khojo understood the assignment!🔥 #ulawgrad #ulaw #LPC #lawschool #masters #graduationday #2023 #liveprospectus #solicitor #esquire

got rosacea to finish this, hope it's worth it! #ulaw

Whether you’re graduating from high school, 4-year college, trade school, or post-collegiate program, feel free to wear your hair in a non-straight style! If I knew then what I know now, I would not have straightened my hair for any of my graduations. I want to hear from you! Did you feel societal pressures to straighten your hair for your graduation(s) or any big event? CONGRATULATIONS simply.comfort🎉🥳👏🏽 Repost from simply.comfort • I graduated with Distinction in MSc Legal Technology from u_law ✨ I achieved this milestone whilst working full-time as a Legal Counsel for a leading multinational insurance firm. I did my best, my tribe supported me & God did the rest 🥂🙏🏾❤️💐 Next stop, a PhD or No.10? Watch this space 😀 #ulawgrad #liveprospectus #graduate #masters #lawyer #legaltechnology

Graduation station 👩 🎓❤️🤍💙 All that hard work finally paid off! If someone told me back in 2020 that I’d be able to to work full time, study for a masters, study for my LPC and do it all during a pandemic - I would never have believed it. It really is true, you don’t know what you’re made of until you test yourself. 📚🙇 ♀️ #masters #lpc #graduation #family #redwhiteblue #unioflaw #wedidit #dreams #grad #gown #happy #nailedit #timetoparty #morelettersaftermyname #familyisallyouneed #dreambig

CAP- ture your dreams, I just did. 💃🏻 Graduated and how ~ Special thanks to my Family who gave me wings to fly and achieve this!! ❤️ #graduation #ulaw #graduationceremony🎓 #graduated

Master of Laws in Professional Legal Practice. I’m my biggest enemy. I always feel like I’ve not done enough but right now, I am so proud of myself so allow me to appreciate myself 💃🏽 I am the most hard working, resilient and determined person I know. I am constantly in competition with myself, and the present me always beats the past me. If I ever feel like there’s something I can’t do, I make it a mission to get it done. Here’s to making it a step closer to the dream 🧡 God is good. . . PC: vernn212 #ulaw #masteroflaws #llmlpc #llm

This week I graduated with Master of Laws in Professional Legal Practice. During my LLB when people used to say “Oh you study law - that must be hard” I could never really relate because truth be told, because I done so many intense A-levels, my LLB didn’t feel too intense. BUT THE LLM LPC??? Ahh it made me work for it. I was by far the most intense course of my life. Doing it whilst working full time didn’t make it any easier. But here we are. She made it. She’s that much closer to the dream 🥂 #law #lawstudent #masteroflaw #llmlpc #llm #ulaw #graduation #legal #lawyerlife #lawyerinthemaking #uklawyer #solicitor #paralegal #legalcareer #legaljourney #lpc #legalpracticecourse #trainingcontract