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Today I went to the Science and Industry museum in Manchester. Most of it is closed unfortunately, but there was still so much to do. ‘‘Twas a nice little day out 🏭⚙️🧪 back to the grind tomorrow 👩🏽 🎓 scienceandindustrymuseum #law #lawstudent #student #lawschool #ulaw #university #chesteruni #legallyblonde #futurelawyer #llb #lawyer #solicitor #barrister #humanrights #scienceandindustry #science #museum

Those that studied at u_law will be ever so familiar with the view out of the library window to the_hac It’s the time of year where people will be thinking about applying to law schools, for vacation schemes and training contracts. How are you approaching the application process? I found a tailored approach was much more successful than a scattergun approach. Think about your strengths and focus applications on firms that have a specialism or focus on those areas. Also, be brave! Get out to networking events and follow up on any connections the following day before they forget you. We all know how hard this process is and those of us on the other side will usually be more than happy to help! #lawyer #law #gdl #lawschool #ulaw #bpp #vacationscheme #trainingcontract #hac #moorgate #library #mindful #wellness

Yesterday I got to fully explore the area around campus! It’s located in such a beautiful spot right near the city centre.✨ I had 4 hours of workshops yesterday, then walked into the city centre and worked in a coffee shop for 3 hours - the fresh air made me so much more productive! Here’s your daily reminder to take a break (although maybe don’t take a long walk as the weather here is dreadful 😂😭) Look how much the trees are changing colour already! Autumn is well and truly here 🍁🍂 #law #lawstudent #universityoflawchester #universityoflaw #productivity #study #chester #autumn

My first day at u_law - Birmingham Campus. I had my personal tutor workshop today as part of the induction programme for the LPC. I met my classmates and found out who my personal tutor was. The session also served as an introduction to what the LPC consists of, study tips and how to navigate ULaw’s online learning resource system. I found the day interesting and useful as I prepare for the workshops starting next week! 📚 • • #ulaw #birmingham #lpc #university #law #lawstudent

First day at university today. Induction was a useful introduction to the different way of learning on the LPC. I also got to meet my fellow classmates and after remote working and learning, being in-person feels like a luxury. . . . . . #ulaw #leeds #law #university #campus #studentlife

MCR🐝 This lovely little message was spotted on one of my runs earlier this month in Manchester City centre. We’d love to see some of your snaps too! If you’d be happy for us to share, please DM us with any views/selfies/pics like this and we’ll post them here. Happy Sunday everyone! We hope you’re feeling good after yesterday’s run 💪🏽

Living alone in London, Living alone in a big city by yourself for a tear makes you really appreciate your space. Now that I have new flatmates I really struggle sharing the space especially because I need the dinner table for myself and all my legal books and papers. I’m the kind of person who can’t sleep, eat, study in the same room. But I am keeping an open mind, hoping to get along with them and who knows I might be blessed with some like minded people. My first online class is this Friday, I feel nervous but excited. I’ll try share my thoughts with you guys, but until then feel free to DM and let me know how you are getting ready for the new academic year :) #school #stpauls #statute #art #law #legalstudies #lawschool #backtoschool #backtouni #universityoflaw #study #studentlife #student

Helloooo , This is a new account to record my journey at 38( Yes 38 !) In to law ! I have embarked on a complete career change - This has been both daunting and exceptionally exciting! I will be creating You tube Vlogs and talking about the Highs and lows of studying at this slightly later stage in Life… The first vlog will be online on Monday evening , I intend to Vlog weekly for now. I study the LLB (Law) at ULaw Manchester Full-time as well as juggle been a full time single mum. Can wait to meet other mature students not just in law ! Please give me a follow !! #maturestudent #law #lawstudent #ulaw #universityoflawmanchester #studygram #lawsociety #student #studentlife

Coming into the UK, settling down, finding a job and a house wasn’t easy, but, little did I know that the toughest part will start when my postgraduate studies (LPC LLM) would start. I’m bilingual so I already know 2 languages fluently and english is the 3rd that I want to believe that I kind of know well. My bachelor of laws was in english but nothing and I mean NOTHING can compare to LPC english. The fact that I have to consume double the time to understand everything first and then study and focus on them makes it really hard. At times you think that you cannot do it and it’s that time that you have to push harder. I started in January and I can already see and feel the changes. We’re going to get the opportunity to enjoy that view from the top.. Day by day. It gets better 🤞🏻 #lpc #lpcllm #ulaw #immigration #bilingual #greece #uk #london #lawstudent #law #bigdreams #manifestation #positivity #masteroflaws

Missing this view u_law I kinda wanna actually start using this since I’ll have so much time now 🤔 #studygram #lawstudent #law #thirdyearstudent #lockdown2 #ulaw #ulawleeds

⚖️Week 3 of the LPC⚖️ Today, I am back on campus for my third week of workshops. For those of you who have previously studied u_law, things may look a little different! This is the workshop set up (socially distanced learning) with group work carried out virtually. It’s a strange concept to get your head around. The fact that your classmates are around you but you’re unable to engage with them given the safety restrictions in place. Nevertheless, I am finding my workshops extremely helpful and it is nice to be back to face-to-face teaching. Today I have my second works for Dispute Resolution and Business, Law and Practice. The prep work has certainly increased as we get into the throw of things and my first practice assessment is due on Friday. It’s definitely taken the last couple of weeks to settle in and adjust to the changes. I am doing my best to stay positive and stay organised so I can make the most out of my final year of study. How are you all feeling about being back at university (be it virtually or face-to-face)? ☁️ #law #study #student #aspiringlawyer #legal #blog #studygram #covid19 #ulaw

Very thankful for this long weekend after a hectic class resumption for schools across Hong Kong! I even managed to get out and tick some things of my HK bucket list too!⠀ ⠀ The picture above was taken on Friday when my fiancée and I rented a sampan (boat) for the day with another couple that we are friends with. The boat took us to one of the more secluded (and less crowded) beaches in Sai Kung to escape the hustle and bustle of 7 million people with a similar objective. The whole time we all kept mentioning just how much it felt like we were in the Philippines! Especially after having to swim to the shore with all of our supplies and waterproof bags! ⠀ ⠀ Other exciting things are happening, such as the launch of thecommercialclub Keep your eyes peeled for the sign up for the first session that will go live later today! These session will be a great way to enhance your commercial awareness by means of collaborative analysis of current business stories. Give it a try! ⠀ ⠀ Happy rest of the weekend!⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀#ulaw #lawstudent #llb #aspiringsolicitors #futurelawyers #llbdegree #law #trainingcontract #commercialawareness #internship #workexperience #lawyerlife #lawschool #lawyers #lawfirm #travel #Traveler #igstudy #lawstudygram #studygram #instastudy #studyabroad #productivity #lawstudentsofinstagram

First week of workshops begin today! Decided to come into Bristol early to grab a coffee and go over my preparation work! #lawstudent #lawandcoffee #gdl #ulaw #legalstudies

𝙵𝙸𝚁𝚂𝚃 𝙳𝙰𝚈 𝙱𝙰𝙲𝙺 𝙾𝙽 𝙲𝙰𝙼𝙿𝚄𝚂 👩 💼 So this morning I went back to uni for the first time since March! I’ve opted to do face-to face workshops this semester (all lectures are online and workshops you can choose to take online or in person) I had 2 workshops, business from 9-11 then criminal from 11:15-1:15👩 💻 The day started off a bit rough, the tube I got on was quite badly delayed (looking at you, Victoria line) so I managed to walk into my first workshop late…but these things happen & I only missed the very beginning of it ⏰ Some of the stuff ulaw has done to make it as safe as possible to go back: ✰ Spaced out seating (everyone facing forward in exam-style seating - all group work done online using collaborate) ✰ Masks on 24/7 (apart from people who are exempt) ✰ No plugging your laptop charger in classrooms (okay call me naive but can someone explain that one to me?🧐) ✰ My back to back workshops are in the same room to reduce the amount we move around uni ✰ Hand sanitiser as you walk into buildings ✰ Seating taken away from the cafe It’s obviously not perfect; being a uni in the centre of London means ulaw doesn’t have the luxury of a lot of room, so social distancing in corridors / stairs is pretty much non-existent 🤷🏼 ♀️ Overall though, (from the viewpoint of someone who’s lucky in that I’m not in any way high-risk), I felt safe on campus! I’m just happy to be taught by someone in person again, rather than through a screen. I’m only in Monday’s and Thursdays too, so it feels like a nice balance of being back without being too overwhelmed😊