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#liveprospectus u_law Thank you for being Kind to me and my friend.

Received goodies for Random acts of kindness day ✨🫶🏼 thank you u_law - cannot wait to share ✨ #liveprospectus #law #university #student #essentials #random #acts #of #kindness

I was so lucky to meet these guys and learning together last year. Everyone was so friendly, helpful and supportive. Just like what our criminal teacher said, we are here to learn and help each other, we are not enemies, we don’t need to compete with each other. I really enjoyed learning with them. #uk#england#guildford#surrey#guildfordtowncentre#guildfordtown#englishtown#instatown#exploreengland#英國小鎮#英格蘭#bills#classmates#ulawstudents#universityoflaw#universityoflawguildford#friends#friendship#同學

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Embarking on my final year as a Law with Business student at the University of Essex, and thrilled to announce my role as a Brand Ambassador for the University of Law! 🌟 Ready for a year filled with legal insights, business brilliance, and exciting adventures. Join me on this incredible journey! 💼📚 #ulaw u_law

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The moment I found out I had received ulaw BPC place 👩🏼 ⚖️👩🏼 ⚖️ It is with enormous pride that I share my offer from The University of Law to start my bar course next September! It’s been a tough week prepping for interviews, and of course the dreaded assessed plea in mitigation…but I did it! I am so unbelievably proud of myself and I’m certainly looking forward to this next step! I’ve been manifesting my wig and gown for a while now, and it all is starting to feel real! On another note I received another first class grade for my first assessment at Chester Uni towards my LLB - so in true Heather style, I’m celebrating with a large Caramel macchiato…with whipped cream for good measure! Happy Friday! Barrister here I come!!! 👩🏼 ⚖️ #aspiringbarrister #barrister #ulaw #chesteruni #lawstudent

RISING STAR AWARD ⭐ We were honoured to attend the Liverpool Law Society Legal Awards dinner last week and to sponsor the Rising Star Award. Congratulations to award-winner Holly Hansen from Peter Edwards Law, and thank you to Nicola Walker, Campus Manager, for presenting the award. It was great to be a part of the event, and congratulations to all the winners ⭐ #unioflaw #liverpool #liverpoollawsociety #liverpoollaw #lawsociety #awardsdinner #crownplazaliverpool

CHAPTER 28!🎉🎂🧁 Damn I feel old. I thought I'd take this opportunity to reflect on a few highlights of the past year. 1. Finished the LPC LLM with distinction 2. Completed my PSC 3. Finished my training contract 4. Qualified as a solicitor 5. Got a NQ solicitor role in a firm and team that I absolutely love 6. Met some amazing people who I know will be life long friends 7. Got engaged to the love of my life 8. Received a call from a lady who I helped on a pro-bono basis 3 years years ago saying she been trying to track me down and found me at my current firm to say thankyou and because of my help she won her court case (which was only heard last month) and is no longer facing homelessness 🥹 Here the client had no money but due to her tied capital in the property she wasn't eligible for legal aid, so I planned and drafted a whole defence outside of work hours to make sure she could represent herself. This was the day before my birthday and by far my most proud working moment ☺️. For those of you in law, for us it's just a job but remember the person's life who you have genuinely helped and changed. This has been the best year of my life to date and I never could have imagined writing this list even a couple of years ago ☺️❤️ #legalblog #trainingcontract #girlsinlaw #solicitor #lawyer #legalrecruitment #traineesolicitor #familylaw #civillitigation #privateclient #law #londonfirm #dyslexicsinlaw #sra #graduate #master #masterinlaw #graduation #ulaw #lpc #llm #nqlawyer #probate #privateclientlaw #contentiousprobate

What I wish I had known about u_law BPC life as an undergraduate... * ULaw has an Employability team that helps you pull together the best legal CV in preparation for pupillage applications. Use them! * ULaw arranges a host of events that introduces you to various sets of Chambers and helps you form professional connections with practising barristers. * ULaw tutors want you to succeed and are supportive and available to their students *Ulaw tutors are, or have been, practising barristers. * ULaw provides ample opportunity to get mooting experience * As a ULaw BPC student, you will have an avalanche of opportunities to get involved in pro bono clincis, visits to Courts where you get to ask the Judge questions, Marshalling opportunities with judges in various courts and invites to lots of Chambers events. * Ulaw offers pupillage application support and interview practice to their BPC students. You will have so many opportunities... grab them and make the most of your BPC year! #ulaw #bpc #barpracticecourse #aspiringbarrister #barristertobe #barristerintraining #lawschool

The day of my life in United Kingdom 🇬🇧 as a international student 🧑 🎓 #uk #international #student #ulaw #it #cubersecurity #final #graduate