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Attended the ULaw freshers fair! I’m so excited and ready to start my course now! 🎉 thank you u_law 💜💙 #liveprospectus #ulaw #ulawfreshers #teamulaw #u_law #lawschool #lawstudentblog

👯 ♀️Making New Friends Covid👯 September time means a lot of people on here will be starting new courses and degrees! It’s great to meet new people and make new friends but how do you do this when everything is online??? - My recommendation is to take the plunge and suggest a Zoom call with your classmates! I know it sounds a bit daunting to suggest in a group chat and you don’t want to be ‘that’ person who looks too keen, but at the end of the day WHO CARES. Everyone wants to make friends - especially with their future colleagues. Suggesting a zoom call is the equivalent of asking if anyone wants to go to the pub after class and we all have to adapt in Covid times. - This picture was taken this morning and we’ve been having around 12+ people join every week now. Our LPC is split into 2 groups so it’s great to make friends with people in the other group who I wouldn’t normally cross paths with. When we all start our TC in September I won’t have to go through the whole nervously making friends thing again because of these calls! If I’m struggling one day as a trainee I’ll know I have a group of other trainees I can rely on which is a great feeling. - Take the plunge and make new friends!

Celebrating an overall distinction in my Msc in law, business and management 🍾🍸 - After finishing the LPC, I received the opportunity to interview for a client secondment through my future firm (as my Training Contract doesn't start until 2021). - After I had a phone interview with the client, and I commenced work the last week of July. - Even though I didn't expect to start my legal career working from home, I am so grateful to have this opportunity and I hope to make the most of it. This is why I haven't been as active as I wish I could be. - Adapting to the graduate life and working from home can be overwhelming but I know I am not alone. So that's why I would like to start sharing what life after the lpc is like for me as I start my first legal role and get ready to commence my TC. - Hope you find this new series helpful and hopeful that you can achieve anything you want 😊 #lpclife #lawyer #lawyerblog #master #ulaw #lawblog #lawtina #solicitor #trainingcontract #paralegal #workfromhome #studygram #studying #grateful #internationalstudent #class2020

𝑩𝑨𝑪𝑲 𝑨𝑮𝑨𝑰𝑵 Hey!! It’s been a while🌻 I’ve been spending the past few months doing lots of relaxing and spending time with family as well as researching future plans and to be honest, I’m so excited for the next few years🌻 I move back into my flat in Leeds on Tuesday and I’m living on my own this year - so I’m super excited and ready for this year. I’m going into my second year and I’m ready to start documenting student life / studying again🌻 #law#lawstudent#lawgram#lawschool#study#studygram#revision#uni#unilife#leeds#leedsuni#unioflaw#ulaw

Sometimes you need a little help from babysitter David Attenborough! 🦒 🐠 🌎 My little sprout absolutely loves David Attenborough (who doesn’t?!) so it’s nice to settle him down when he’s feeling cranky. Today I’m at the pre-exam stage where I feel totally unprepared but also completely unable to determine what I need to cover in order to feel prepared. It’s a really tough stage and I think most students go through it at some stage before exams. During my land course, we were regularly told you’d have a “land moment” where it all fits together. I’m not quite sure whether I’ve had that or not. I think I understand the content, but I don’t think I understand the system - at this stage, I’m hoping the system is illogical! I guess I’ll just keep trying to figure out what I need to do... #davidattenborough #fish #futurevet #documentaries #savetheplanet #motheringlaw #motherinlaw #motherhood #exams #studentparent #futurelawyer #aspiringsolicitor #legal #ulaw #masters

Step one: Law degree Step two: World Domination Step 3: ??? Step Quatro: PROFIT #teamulaw

I am not sure if I could achieve that much if I wasn’t a mum (even if a word “mum” still sounds very strange to me) One of my qualified friends was giving a talk at our University and was approached by a first year student afterwards asking for an advice on “how to shine if she has got 3 children”. I got pregnant only six month after obtaining my first degree at the age of 21 and had Nicholas when I was 22. Nobody believes me now when I say I was extremely quiet and shy in my teens and early 20s. However, it’s true and becoming a mother for some reason gave me that extra confidence boost. There was also another reason but I feel it deserves a separate recognition. To those of you who have children and are in the process of getting your first degree or looking for a first job, don’t think and don’t let others persuade you that child could somehow slow you down. I would say make it work in your favour. For instance, when during my final TC interview I was asked about my prioritisation skills or what do I think others would say about me, I referred to how I had to juggle so many things at once (full time GDL, day job, childcare and extra-curriculum activities) and that people were saying that I still always had a smile on my face. Motherhood is full of milestones, struggles, achievements and both sad and happy tears! The excitement of a securing a training contract with a Top 20 Law Firm was pretty overwhelming. However a full-time postgrad law degree with seven exams and a training contract competition process all in one year on top of a demanding day job was actually easier than raising a human... . . . . . . #lawstudent #lawstudentlife #lawyermum #aspiringsolicitors #aspiringsolicitor #parenthoodandcareer #motherandlaw #happymothersday2020 #devonlife #bestofdevon #britainsoceancity #bestofsouthwest #lawyermum #joysofmotherhood #fulltimeworkingmum #trainingcontract #legaljobs #gdl #lawdegree #ulaw #becomingalawyer #lawschool #lawschoollife

we look forward to seeing you all at the #SuccessburyFestival next week 🎉 ➡️ Find out more: #liveprospectus u_law

An absolutely massive congratulations to everyone who received A level results today; all the hard work paid off!❤️So proud to say that I will be going to u_law #teamulaw studying an accelerated LLB degree in September, after achieving AABB grades at A level🎉 Thank you so much buildingthedream48 balloonsbywonderland for my beautiful balloons 🎈 Xx #alevel #alevel2020 #resultsday #sixthform #university

it’s 35 degrees in london today and i finally took the plunge and accepted my offer to study at u_law this september! 🤞🏻 for scholarships bby

It’s been a rollercoaster but after two years I can finally say I have finished the u_law LPC as well as the GDL. I am so proud that have become more confident, happy and have developed a real passion for the law industry. . . . #law #ulaw #legallybrunette #lawschool #lawschoollife #lawschoolgrad #birthdaypresents #latebirthdaygift #resultsday #igdaily #igers #instagood #somuchreading #books #aperolspritz #aperolcelebrations

🍾🌟LPC RESULTS 🌟🍾 - I am absolutely thrilled to say I have averaged a Distinction overall in these exams (I’m still shaking! 😌). Just one more grade to come back towards my Masters qualification and I’m done! 😄 - We completed these exams (and studied for each module) online, with no in-person teaching and no access to a library. On top of that, we have experienced a *global pandemic* which has affected each of us greatly, albeit in different ways - yet we still managed to sit exams with self discipline, sacrifice and perseverance. - To say it has been challenging doesn’t quite cut it - but these results prove that with some hard work and hard graft you can and will achieve amazing things! 🌟👏🏻 - As many of you know, I’ve never been one to achieve consistent “top grades”. I finished 2nd year of University with a 2:2 - (59%), and managed to pull it up in 3rd year achieving some high 2:1s and Firsts in my modules but still some low 2:1’s too. - I wasn’t going to post my individual results for these exams as I never do, but I really want to keep this page as honest and as transparent as possible. So, I am truly proud of these grades - the 66% just as much I am as the 81%! 😁 - Remember - you will never be good at everything. There will always be some things you’re worse at... and that is OKAY! Almost no one can be good at everything. You just need to take pride in what you’ve achieved and remember how hard you have worked, NO MATTER the grade 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 - I’ve really enjoyed my time at u_law and really cannot wait to start my training contract with my dream firm in 2021 😄🌟💛 Bring it onnnn! 💪🏼💪🏼 you will find me drinking cocktails and champagne (bit fancy!) in the garden 🤪🍾🍸🍹

✨LPC RESULTS✨ I am absolutely thrilled to have successfully completed the LPC with a distinction! 🍾 It has honestly been a crazy year! This course has been one of the most challenging things I have ever undertaken! From countless exams in a week and a WHOLE GLOBAL PANDEMIC! Meaning I had to completely change my way of study! It has been mentally and physically testing, but also one of the most rewarding experiences!🥂 A huge congratulations to my fellow LPC students, whether or not you got the grades you wanted you should celebrate just getting through it!🍾🥂 I am excited for the next stage of this journey! Getting that TC 💪🏼 #lpc #ulaw #lpcgrad #lpcgraduation #lpcgraduate #womeninlaw #futurelawyer #futuresolicitor