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Making a start on my first official assignment today 📚☕️ Hoping to get the majority of it done and out of the way so that there’s one less thing to worry about!👋🏼 #trainingcontract #lpc #lawyer #student #lawstudent #assignment #legal #work #ulaw #lawstudygram #sundayfunday #studygram #law

All the pastel highlighters and matching sticky notes in the world couldn’t motivate me to prep for this advocacy workshop on Monday 😩 ——————————— Trying to stay on top of the LPC and also maintain somewhat of a social life plus giving it all on all of my TC and VS applications AND trying to create the content I desperately want to create for my blog... AND trying to find time for “self care” is pretty exhausting 🙃 anyone have any tips on how to do it all? 🤔 #law #lawyer #lawyerintraining #lpc #ulaw #lpcstudent #lawstudent #legal #paralegal #motivation #womeninlaw

Today I had a lovely lie in, met a friend for coffee and have a Home Bargains trip scheduled for later☕️👭(freakin’ love homebargains 😍) — I think I definitely needed a rest and time apart from work/uni this morning. This week has been HECTIC and I feel so much better and a bit more energised after taking time out for myself! The #workguilt is real though and I always feel like I should be studying...but in reality that’s impossible so I’m going to do an hour or so now, enjoy my home bargains trip, then crack on with more uni work later this evening 📚📚 — I hope everyone has a lovely Saturday, whatever you’re up to😊✨❤️ #lawyer #law #lawstudent #student #uni #unistudent #lpc #masters #legal #trainingcontract #ulaw #study #studying

Busy day with group workshops. Took part in some interesting debates on key ethical issues. 🗣 #law#lawyer#lawschool#ulaw#lawgirl#student#unistudent#uni

Studying with a change of scenery today. Discovered a lovely little cafe on a back street in York, keeping me well feed whilst I’m studying. ☕️ #lawschool#lawyer#law#lawgirl#food#cafe#york#lawyer#ulaw

Barbican heron out today for graduation...#barbicancentre #universityoflaw

Happy Thursday guys! . . This week has been another busy one for us LPC-ers! My final mock exams are due today for Real Estate and I have been given my Law and Business materials which I start in two-weeks for my MSc. Exciting and busy times ahead. . . A few of you have messaged asking how I distribute my time for preparatory work, consolidation, applications, events and having a social life. Firstly, it is important to have a social life and you give yourself some time off each week. However, with a course like the LPC, sometimes this isn't possible. The range of work varies from week to week and it isn't as consistent as the likes of the LLB. Therefore, you must plan a week or so ahead so you can find some time here and there for yourselves. Your mental health will thank you for it! . . I use an A5 pad to help me plan and here is how I do it: [note - this is for a busy week]... . . Monday: morning workout > shower > breakfast > reading + preparatory work. . . Tuesday: university from 9:00am - 15:30pm > go to event/travel home > have dinner > starting consolidating on today's workshops. . . Wednesday: morning workout/walk the dog > shower > breakfast > continue with consolidation > (if time) continue with applications > do washing/cleaning in the evening > have dinner > continue with work (stop at 8pm). . . Thursday: university from 9:00am - 15:30pm > go to event/travel home > have dinner > starting consolidating on today's workshops. . . Friday: morning workout > breakfast > finish off consolidation for this week > relax in the evening. . Saturday: time for me + family > begin reading + preparatory work for next week (stop at 8pm). . . Sunday: continue with preparatory work + applications > stop in the late afternoon > dinner + relax. . . Of course, this looks relatively simple and everyone organises themselves in their own way. But this is the general structure I will follow and stick to as much as possible. I find am far more productive and proactive in getting tasks completed. However, if it changes, that's life, we all have curve-balls thrown at us, so go with it and adapt your time and prioritise where necessary. (Caption continued in comments)

I aspire to be a solicitor like Dame Fiona Woolf - a career that spans decades, President of the Law Society and Lord Mayor of London. Aside from her legal achievements and her astonishing career, Dame Fiona Woolf parallels my own interests as a Trustee of the Science Museum and a Trustee of Raleigh International (who I volunteered with). She has promoted important issues from renewable energies through to increasing diversity and has changed the legal landscape in London. #Uinspire #London u_law

Hi everyone, I’ve decided to start this law page to document my journey through the GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) to the LPC and then a training contract! Most of the Law accounts/blogs I follow are mainly students studying their LPC so I thought I would start a page for the GDL to help future students understand how the course works and the things that I encounter along the way. I’m a GDL student at The University of Law Bloomsbury Campus. I have an undergraduate degree in History from Brunel University. I decided to pursue the GDL as I wanted to put myself in a better position to learn law where I already have all the necessary skills which I acquired from reading History. #lawstudent #lifeofalawstudent #ulaw

◾️ MONDAY MOTIVATION ◾️ - Obviously, we need a lot of caffeine to get through the weekend blues☕️ luckily, there are no essays to be submitted this week, which means I can completely get on top of the workload and power through all the things I’ve been pushing aside since the beginning of the course📓 - I’m having very mixed feelings towards my mock assessments that have been submitted, especially after receiving the generic feedback on what a top level answer should include🤯 HOWEVER, I’ve just got to think of it as a learning process, after all, these mocks really do not mean anything at the end of the day, if anything the only use is to see how I can improve my essays, but the grade itself doesn’t determine anything!⚖️ - It’s really easy to get caught up on the grades you get from essays and mocks, and doubting yourself purely from that one grade, especially when all of your friends are achieving the 70% and above mark. However, instead of thinking of how bad you think the essay is, think of how you can learn from it, and increase your chances of getting the higher mark! Is it some key cases you missed? Maybe it’s the structure of your essay? Or your grammar/spelling? Either way, make sure you take on board all of the generic and individual feedback you receive and add it to your notes! From there, you can help improve your essays and reach those top marks!🙌🏼💪🏼 - #law #lawdegree #legal #legaldegree #lawblog #lawblogger #llb #university #revision #lawstudent #student #ulaw #lawstudies #lawrevision #motivation #degree #ulaw #lawschool #futurelawyer #trainingcontract #vacationscheme #fresher

u_law #Uinspire #Leeds . Ulaw who inspires you and why. My biggest inspiration is my mama, she is the reason why i choose this career. How she held a career down and raised two children as a lone parent is inspiring. . I remember one day her coming back from family court with a big bundle and i asked her what it was bear in mind i was only 12 at this time, she said it is the current case i am working on. I asked her what that meant and she explain it to me and that was the day i made up my mind i would be a barrister, took a detour but i am here now! #Uinspire #Leeds

My mum and grandma inspire me the most and have encouraged me throughout my studies. They’ve loved and supported me in everything I do and make me believe that no matter how difficult anything gets, I CAN do it and will get through it ❤️ They’ve overcome so many obstacles and never give up on their goals so inspire me to always work hard for what I want. I hope to make them proud and would love to spoil them with everything they deserve #Uinspire #manchester #leeds u_law

Who inspires me to pursue my career goals?💡 . The fabulous Lady Hale! A champion for gender equality & diversity - not only is she the first female president in the Supreme Court, but she’s also been very influential in modernising the legal system.⚖️ . Lady Hale is not one to shy away from a challenge! This serves as such a brilliant reminder for females to be brave in male dominated industries and to always speak their mind.💪 . In addition to a successful legal career, you’ll also find her in Vogue, judging MasterChef and shopping for that iconic collection of brooches. When searching for graduate roles it’s so important to me that I can build a successful career, but also not lose my personality or values along the way.👩🏻 ⚖️🕷 . The Beyoncé of the legal world, a fellow northern princess and a reputation for constantly breaking barriers; thank you Lady Hale!🙅 ♀️ . #uinspire #manchester #ulaw