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Ever wondered what commercial awareness actually is, and how you can develop it? I’m this post you’ll find some resources you can use to do exactly that! :) #law #ulaw #lawstudent #lawschool #sqe #lpc #commercialawareness #vacationscheme #trainingcontract #lawfirm

I'm not quite sure where the last 5 months have gone, but I have been so busy with studying, work, the kids and house. The LPC is so fast-paced that I feel like I haven't stopped and now it's time for another lot of exams. . . I am going to be spending my day finishing my sheets for each subject area, highlighting where in my materials I can find the information to make it easier in the exams. I have never really revised, so I am unsure where to even start but hopefully I will be able to enough to get me through the BLP exam next week!! . . #uni #University #universityoflaw #universitybooks #study #revision #exams #lawexams #blp #businesslawandpractice #business #businesslaw #legalfoundations #revisionsheets #mildliner #lpcbuddy #law #lpc #msc #businesslawandmanagement #masters u_law

The digital age has ushered in numerous advantages, notably the expansion of online education. Technological progress has dismantled barriers for aspiring students, making education more accessible than ever. You should consider pursuing an international degree from the convenience of your home. We have a range of programmes available,for details on available courses/programmes visit the link in the bio or send a DM. #onlinestudy #ulaw #studyonline

January wrap up 💫 A lot went on in January and I’ve been so busy with it all but have managed to capture some to remember! ▪️ I started my first ever in-house role as Legal Advisor with Sovereign Group Network! It’s just coming up to a full month so far and I’m really looking forward to the experience. I will be doing videos and posts my role soon. ▪️It’s been great learning the ropes in my new role and it’ll be the first time having the opportunity to take ownership of my own caseload! ▪️ We went to our first team lunch at Pizza Express and it was lovely catching up and getting to know everyone. ▪️ Whilst at work, I found out I obtained a Distinction in my Masters (LLM) piece and I couldn’t be more proud of me! I really enjoyed doing my Masters assessment, including the oral presentation, so overall was a very positive experience! I shared the news with my work colleagues and they were so thoughtful in congratulating me in our Team chat group, getting me a card and gift voucher to Wagamamas (my favourite) 🥹 ▪️ I have just the LPC left to do with a couple of assessments left and I will be drawing a close to it in June this year. I cannot wait to get over this hurdle and get another step closer to my dream! I’ll be doing regular posts as the weeks go by and hope to share useful insights into life as an LPC student, study strategy and tips, working in house and this phase of applications! - #law #lawcareer #lpcllmstudent #mastersstudent #ULaw #inhouse #inhouseparalegal #careerwoman #motivation

I never thought to attend live tedx event and it was a wonderful day of my life .Thank you #ulaw to provide a chance . Speakers were amazing ,their stories were really motivating 👏 and l have learned many things . I'll remember this day forever .

BAR COURSE TIP The intensity of the BPC steps up a level after Christmas. This can come as a shock as you struggle to keep up with the momentum of the course with the increased reading and preparation for each workshop. Here is what I do to keep ahead of the game: 1. On a Sunday, I go through the next 2 weeks' units for civil and criminal litigation and skills. This way, I know what advocacy submissions and drafting assignments will need to be prepared. These are the things that take up a lot of time, so being aware of what is coming up helps you to plan your workload. 2. I have a look at the BSB syllabus and assess how heavy the reading is each week. This allows me to plan when I'm going to get the reading done. 3. I go through the tasks required to prepare for each workshop and plan which ones I will get out of the way first. I like to get the short tasks out the way first. 4. I will check my calendar and note what additional commitments I have for the week. For example, this week, I have an Advocacy Club moot and a Middle Temple advocacy workshop to prepare for. I will print out the bundles for each and read through the papers to get an idea of how much time I will need to allocate for those. 5. I will then pop any deadlines and specific prep times into my calendar. For example, thus week I need to submit a skeleton argument 24 hours before my civil skills workshop so that deadline is plugged in. I have also blocked off time in my diary to prepare for the bail application. As it happens, it's quite straightforward, so I have set aside time to prepare that on Thursday morning. You will see from the pictures in my post that all this information is written down in a notebook so that I tick it off as I complete the tasks. Now, I'm off to the gym before starting this week's reading. Don't forget to make time to look after yourself on the course! #aspiringlawyer #aspiringbarrister #barpracticecourse #bptc #barristertobe #barstudent #barristerintraining #barschool u_law #ulaw

Grateful to have had the distinguished presence of Natchayaa Weerawat, Associate Director of Student Recruitment, and Upasana Sachdeva, Country Head - India from the University of Law at SIUK Sri Lanka! Thank you for sharing your insights and expanding horizons for aspiring students. Looking forward to fostering stronger educational connections! #universityoflaw #siuksrilanka #educationexcellence #siuk

I am very late to the party and posting 🫠. I received my textbooks and course materials from the post, as you can see, there is a lot of materials to work through!!! I am definitely trying to prepare as I was told that it is an incredibly stressful and intense course but I’m also pretty much eager to get started 😉 I will try my best to post as much as I can whilst studying the LPC and to share my experiences as well as giving out any tips & advice for the course. Good luck to everyone who has also started in September2023!!!! #lawstudentuk #lawstudent #legalpracticecourse #ulaw #lawdegree

I am officially halfway through the BPC, and I have loved every minute of it. It's certainly not easy, and the volume of information is eye-watering, but u_law has such great tutors and they have ample of support and opportunities available. Today I am tackling my drafting mock paper and next week is my Final Conference Exam!!!! It pays to be super organised on this course and have your u_law year planner and timetable of final assessments visible! Hope you are all having a great week! #aspiringbarrister #barstudent #ulaw #lawstudent #lawschool #barpracticecourse #barristertobe

Dedicating some time to answering your questions regarding u_law !🙋 ♀️📚🌟 DM me or comment your questions down below, and I’ll get back to you ASAP👇 #lawstudent #ambassador #studentambassador #studentlife #lawyer #solicitor #barrister #sqe #bar #lpc #cardiffuni #cardiffuniversity #law #lawstudentlifestyle #Q&A #ULaw #opportunities #study #studygram #stufymotivation #studylaw #studystudystudy

Hello legal friends 👩🏼 ⚖️🫶🏼 Welcome to my page, where I’m going to be discussing all things law related - most importantly my experiences across law school, bar course applications and of course scholarships and pupillage. I’m currently a 3rd year LLB student at Chester University and have recently secured a place on the BPC at The University of Law (Manchester). I hope I encourage you to pursue your aspirations in a legal career, no matter your age, and help those who are looking to become a barrister in the future! #barrister #lawstudent #pupillage #scholarship #bpc #ulaw #futurebarrister

Governor and former pupil Nigel Booth (OS 1989) returned to the SGS Library for a ‘Spotlight On…’ talk about law. Nigel spoke about the differences between becoming a barrister or a solicitor and the varying pathways into law. He also talked about how new regulations are making it easier and welcoming more diverse educational backgrounds. After leaving SGS Nigel studied Law and German Law at King's College London and he was called to the Bar in 1994 and since then has been based in Manchester. Whilst remaining a member of Chambers at 9 St John Street, in September 2020 Nigel joined the University of Law in Manchester to teach the criminal part of the Bar Practice Course – skills, litigation, evidence and sentencing – to prospective barristers. This background has made him to perfect speaker to talk to nearly 30 perspective lawyers at SGS. #SGSInspires #SGSAlumni #SGSLibrary #SGSCommunity #SGSOpportunity #SpotlightOntalk #barrister #solicitor #law #germanlaw #9StJohnStreet #UniversityOfLawManchester #UniversityOfLaw u_law #BarPracticeCourse

Thank you to The University of Law for hosting us at the Birmingham Campus Law Fair on Tuesday. It was great to meet everyone! We offer paid advocacy experience across England & Wales, so if you would like to attend court daily, manage your own caseload and accept challenging and rewarding work, please visit our website and apply to LPC Law today! #lpclaw #advocate #advocacy #law #lawstudent #ulaw #ulawbirmingham #barrister #pupillage #bpc #lpc #sqe #learnprepareconduct

A productive meeting yesterday at our London office with Natchayaa Weerawat, Associate director of student recruitment at The University of Law u_law] (ULaw). It was a great opportunity for us to learn more about new recruitment opportunities and the exceptional programs offered by the university. We are absolutely excited to nurture our partnership and shared vision with ULaw to provide accessible education on a global scale! 📚✨ Get in touch with us for FREE consultation on studying at ULaw. ✅ WhatsApp : +447451970624 ✅ Email: ✅ Apply now: ✅ Contact us: #bwbsedu #bwbseducationconsultants #internationalstudentrecruitment #studyabroadconsultants #studyinuk #ukstudentvisa #studyabroad #studymastersabroad #studybachelorabroad #ulaw #theuniverisityoflaw #unioflaw #universityoflaw #businessmanagement #LLM #LLB #BPC #PGDL #LawDegree #MBA #MSc #solicitor #barrister #lpc #lpcllm #legalpracticecourse #business #management #accounting #finance