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Today I did probono and it was so much fun! One thing I wanted to do this year in any capacity I had time for was some pro Bono (essentially legal volunteering)! A few students from u_law went to a secondary school and we each had created a lesson with interactive activities talking about anything in the realm of citizenship! My key takeaways: - school feels like not that long ago until you go to a school and get told you look old 😢 - There are so many ways to approach the same task! I was pleasantly surprised at how involved and inventive the classes were! - 5.30am get up to get to Stroud is not something I’ll be doing too regularly… - Doing the same lesson plan all day does wonders for refining your presentation skills! - Probono is a great way to know students outside of you class! . . . #legalpracticecourse #lawstudent #probonolawyer #ulaw

Yesterday was a difficult day leaving aimee.culliford at university but I am so proud of who she has become I know she will do brilliantly and achieve everything she wants too. It’s been a different 18 months but so glad I got to send all this time with you. Look forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks enjoy freshers week and make lots of new friends xxx #daughtertouni #daughterlove #missyou #newadventures #universityoflaw

My train study set up 🙌🏻 (with my u_law water bottle of course) I am off to cover a management shift at one of the Lush stores in London today and I always love using the time on the train so get some work done. It’s always nice when it’s quiet enough to have a table to myself! #law #lawstudent #lawfirm #llb #ulaw #lawdegree🎓 #civildisputeresolution #thirdyearlaw #universityoflaw #lush #futuretraineesolicitor

📚Know The New: Know The SQE📚 **Paid partnership with and u_law ** No training contract? No problem. The SQE is changing the landscape for becoming a solicitor… ➡️ The SQE (Solicitors Qualifying Exam) is already well under way as a substitute for the traditional LPC and training contract route☄️ I took the traditional route of the LPC at The University of Law, however as I progress in my career, it’s important that I am aware of the routes that junior lawyers will be taking so that I can support them and help them develop🌀 The University of Law is also one of the key institutions offering the SQE. On the LPC I can tell you that my content books were a lot heavier than these, so it is really great that the materials are so compact and precise. The books really are must-have materials for any student studying for the SQE and are the essential companions for those undertaking an SQE1 course🤓 The books offered by The University of Law provide structured content providing a solid knowledge and understanding of fundamental legal principles and rules, while bringing the law and practice to life with example scenarios based on realistic client problems; which you will be able to apply when working in practice👩 ⚖️ Feeling ready? You will then be able to test your knowledge with mock exams on The University of Law’s SQE online learning app; which means you can do it anytime, anywhere‼️ I speak from my own LPC experience at The University of Law in that they are a supportive and welcoming institution with wonderful lecturers and access to so many resources📚So if you are considering the SQE, I would highly recommend the materials and course offered at The University of Law; make becoming a solicitor easier and not harder🤩 • • • #law #lawyer #solicitor #ulaw #sqe #training #commerciallaw #futurelawyer #legallife #lawlife #citife #university #books #textbooks #revise #exams #sqe #workexperience #blogger #blog #lawblog #lawblogger

Getting ready for tomorrow’s Induction Day for my LPC course with u_law Very nervous but so excited to finally be going to in-person lectures again! #lpc #trainee #legalpracticecourse #ulaw

Legal Method Exam - ✅ I’d forgotten just how much exams ‘get to me’ and stress me out… I know I got a few wrong which I’m really annoyed at myself about, but all we can do is move onwards and upwards… Now onto mocks revision and a tense wait to see the results! 🤞🏻 #ulaw #law #lawstudent #lawstudies🎓 #legalmethod #exam #universityoflaw

i know you’ve seen this pic before BUT your girl just got a DISTINCTION IN HER MASTERS 🎉🎉🎉 I actually can’t believe it I am SHOCKED!! I honestly thought I had failed my land law exam but I got my highest mark ever in it!🤩 • Definitely having a big fat drink tonight, hope you all have a good evening ❤️ • • • pinch me I must be dreaming, don’t mind me whilst I check my results 1000000 times 😅 • • • #ulaw #mastersdegree #lawdegree #lawmasters #lawstudent #passed #examresults #healthymindhealthybody #studying #studygram #studylife #fitgirl #fitlife #gymgirl #gymlife #oneractive #oneractiveog #resultsday

Hi, my name is humaira and I am excited to start my LPC MSC at u_law. I have completed my LLB Law with Business undergraduate degree at Ulaw and I am due to graduate in November👩 🎓. I am only 21 years old and this is my legal journey. #ulaw #lawstudent #lpc #legalcheek #lawschool #solicitor

Postgrad Grace 😯📚 • Today is my first day of lectures for the MA Law course with u_law ‘s Manchester Campus! • I’m sooo excited to get going with the course as I’ve always wanted to pursue Law… However, that’s a lot of content ⬆️😳!! • It’s going to be an intense year but it’ll be worth it. • My top tip for when you’re super busy or feeling overwhelmed is… PLAN! • WEEKLY - I like to plan out my weeks by using the eleanorbowmer weekly planner. I find that it helps me to prioritise important tasks. • DAILY - I also plan out each day using my hellodayplanner daily planner. It’s such a thoughtful gift from kcbennett2 as it allows me to think about what I’m grateful for, track water intake and exercise as well as outline my schedule and top to do’s for the day! • As a student, planning has really helped me to schedule time for study, work and me! It’s so important to take time out to do the things you enjoy! • So… this pile will be my currently reading for the next 9 months 😅🙌🏼 • #ulaw #mastersdegree #lawconversion #currentlyreading #studyplan #bookstagram #furthereducation

Cleaning the desk today / Week1 starts tomorrow , First week of Academic lectures .. organisation is key, so after the school run in the morning I will be getting myself in gear. Yesterday I entered my first Mooting/advocacy competition.. so need to research preparing a plea in mitigation ready for the selection process. Felling a whole mixture of emotions today ! . . . . #lawstudent #lawstudent #mooting #advocacy #bartraining #llblaw #llblawstudent #maturestudent #maturelawstudent #law #universityoflawmanchester #ulaw #studygram

Been a while since I have posted. But I have officially started the LPC 🎉. Feel very weird to say. To sum it up, the first few weeks have been very busy and everything is fast paced. Especially when trying to juggle studying with working part-time. 😅 However, I am enjoying the course so far! Decided today to go and study in a coffee shop rather than at home. Find it much more motivating and obviously there are much less distractions. 😁 #lawstudygram #law #lawstudent #studying #lpc #lawschool #exhausted #unioflaw

✨first week of the LPC✨ ▪️ officially finished my first week of LPC teaching, and I can already tell it’s going to be a v v busy year 🥴🤪 ▪️ #law #student #uni #lpc #lawstudent #leeds #ulaw