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Hi guys! Welcome to my legal blog, it came to be spontaneously the other night and I felt the urge to create a page just for my legal journey and to speak to others who are in a similar position to me. So I hope this helps someone else out there who may be struggling with law right now, is stuck in a ‘writer’s block’ or is just interested in a career in law maybe! Some facts about me 🌟 ✨I completed my LLB Law degree and have obtained a First Class ✨I am now studying my LPC MSc in Law,Business and Management ✨I love participating in charity work and volunteering for my local community and I am passionate about tackling issues of diversity and discrimination that are prevalent ✨My favourite thing to do is .. drink coffees (typical lawyer) and LOTS of it ☕️ Drop a comment about what your fav thing to do is would love to make some virtual friends 🥰 #law #legal #lpc #ulaw #inspire #diversity #trainingcontract #paralegal

⭐️ SEMESTER ONE ⭐️ A quick end of semester time lapse! At the end of each term I move all my course guides into bigger ring binders and store them away so I can keep my smaller folders for next semester. Unfortunately with law previous modules often come in useful so you can’t bin or burn the topics you don’t get along with 😂 #law #semesterone #llb #lawdegree🎓 #ulaw #lawstudent #futuretraineesolicitor #lawfirm

⭐️ SEMESTER ONE ⭐️ With submitting my Business law coursework today, semester one is over (thankfully!) After a 6,000 word portfolio for civil dispute resolution, 2,000 coursework for business law and an exam for Equity & Trust I’m done! This semester was definitely the toughest yet and though all the work in the photos looks organised it came with it’s fair share of late nights and even some tears. I am looking forward more to semester two to start my research project on Aviation law! Where is everyone else at right now? Have you started semester two yet? #law #lawstudent #llb #lawdegree #futuretraineesolicitor #lawfirm #ulaw #thirdyearlawstudent

📣New YouTube video now LIVE! 📣 Head over to my channel via the link in my bio to watch my latest video talking all things LPC as well as answering your questions. Please give my channel a subscribe if you are enjoying my content, so I know it is helpful 😊 u_law

One year, 7 exams, one dissertation, 14,567 highlighter pens, and only a few minor paper cuts later and I have just finished my masters in law! #ulaw #law #lawstudent

Examinations 📝 It’s my Equity and Trusts Exam this afternoon, which is the only subject I’ve had this semester with an unseen exam. Exams for us at the moment are still different. We’re still online and for the LLB at least they’re still non-proctored, meaning the exams aren’t invigilated live and your submission will just go through plagiarism software. I’d definitely say exams are my least favourite assessment method, and the Level 6 grade descriptors seem difficult! Also Equity is one of those up and down subjects - some stuff just clicked instantly and other bits I probably still don’t get. I’ve got tips below based on how I deal with exams 📖 If they’re non-proctored, use this to your advantage! The assessment is still timed so you won’t have time to look things up, but having answer structures and key points on flashcards will help massively. Take advantage of the opportunity! 📖 The exams have a time limit and there are only a certain number of marks for each question. Focus on a complete answer rather than an over-explained incomplete answer. 📖 Following on - Write a little about a lot rather than a lot about a little. 📖 Showcasing knowledge is important but don’t write a whole para on a rule that doesn’t apply! 📖 Keep calm and focus. This is the most important. The examiner isn’t trying to trick you! How do you deal with exams? 📝 #llb #law #ulaw #liveprospectus #year3 #lawstudent #stopfordianlaw #equity #trusts #exams #examstress #level6 #3rdyear #university

Preparing for the start of my first term as an LLM student tomorrow. I can't wait to start but must admit, I'm a little apprehensive. After years of not being able to decide what I wanted to do as a career, applying to several different Master's degrees (all different subjects) and finally deciding on pursuing a career as a Media and Entertainment Lawyer, I'm really excited but still have that little voice in the back of my mind trying to tell me I'm not good enough to achieve it, or that's it's not going to end up as I imagine it. Maybe it won't. And that's OK. For now, and for once, I just want to enjoy the present and the journey, rather than worrying about the outcome 🖤 #Law #lawuk #lawschoolmotivation #lawstudents #lawstudentuk #ulaw #ulawlife #lawstudent #mediaandentertainment #mediaandentertainmentlaw #liveprospectus #llm #llmstudent #sqe #sqestudent #solicitorsqualifyingexam

Thank you so much for the welcome gift u_law! ❤ I think the lid for the pink highlighter fell out of the packet! Do you have any spares?! 😆 #lawstudents #lawstudents #lawstudentlife #liveprospectus #lawuk #lawschoolmotivation #lawstudentuk #sqestudent #sqe #solicitorsqualifyingexam

Following my dreams. 1st real exam in almost 20 years. Wasn’t easy but nothing worth it ever is. #parttimestudent #fulltimecareer#oneexamatatime #ulaw#lawstudent#tearsofjoy

ADVOCACY PRACTICE👩🏻 ⚖️ I had my advocacy practice at 9:15am today, bright and early ☕️ I’m so happy and relieved to have got a competent! ☺️ Especially because I’ve been sick for the last week and couldn’t practice out loud until yesterday. Here’s what helped me prepare: 🌸 Print out the paper bundle, staple it together and highlight/mark it up in the margins! My mind absorbs so much more detail when I can see the words on paper, not a static screen. And remember to read everything carefully, whether you’re the solicitor for applicant or respondent! There might be a piece of information that could really help your side. 🌸 Make your advocacy plan as brief as possible. We each had a maximum of 10 minutes, but my page of bullet points/phrases took me a whole 9 minutes to go through. What worked well was listing the issues, and where to look (page and para numbers) inside the bundle so I didn’t get lost. 🌸 Speak to the camera. The judge has already read the materials; my tutor said that your job as an advocate is to have a conversation (albeit one where you’re doing all the talking within your submission time!) with the judge to persuade them why your side is more compelling. And reading from a script, or electronic notes, isn’t allowed. This is where your minimal, printed plan comes in handy, because you can glance at it occasionally and talk more naturally. 🌸 Refer to the bundle and the CPR Rules. 🌸 After mentioning an issue and evidence, do try to tie them together with a brief conclusion! 🌸 Really listen to the other side & Judge’s question(s) and clearly state that you’re addressing them at various points. 🌸 Slow and steady wins the race! Don’t rush; just calmly leave a space as you flip through the bundle or find what you need. You’ve got this 💕

Long time no post ⏳ It’s been a hot minute since I posted on this account😱 Sooo, I got my First (still in shock really 🤯); started my MA Law👩🏼 ⚖️; started working for Mercedes-Benz 🏎; dropped my masters to part time; got promoted at work; passed my first exam; moved out with my boyfriend (only took us 7 years!!!🙄); went to Italy 🇮🇹 and now I write this on the eve of my public law exam in a familiar state of procrastination as I try and work my way through some last minute revision 🙇🏼 ♀️ Good luck too everyone else navigating what seems like their millionth exam season 😩!! #lawconversion #commerciallaw #businessgrad #ulaw #malaw #masters #studygram #student #studentlife #lawschool #parttime

current view… contract law assessment due for Friday but my brain is just going round and round in circles🥺 choccie getting me through!!!! need to remind myself, I’ve got this! • • • • • • #newpost #unistudent #universityoflaw #leeds #blogger #lawstudentuk #lawstudent #lawstudentlifestyle #studying #revision #under10k

I’ve been MIA for so long! I’ve been so busy with work and getting settled into that but onto studying..Quick update: - [x] Passed the legal method exam 🎉 - [x] Did well on my public law mock but of course aiming for higher for the real thing… Talking of the real thing… I have my public law exam on Wednesday and it’s safe to say I’m extremely nervous! All tabbed up and ready to go! (I think!). But Godwilling everything goes well and he’s with me! ❤️🙏

Officially clocked off work and entered into my study leave before my January exams! 📚😬Definitely starting to feel the pre-exam nerves but grateful to have time to focus fully on studying for the next two weeks without having to also balance work. Studying part-time while working full-time is not an easy feat - you need to become a time-management whiz! 😅Focusing on my motivations and how all this hard work will be so worth it in the long run is my driving force 😁 (and also being incredibly organised with my calendar, time is so valuable!) Do any of you study and work full time? How do you find balancing the two? If you are also sitting exams this January, good luck! 🍀 #law #lawstudentlife📚 #lawstudent #lawstudents #lawyer #legal #lawexams #exams #examseason #study #studygram #studylaw #studywithme #university #student #universityoflaw #universitystudent

Throwback to June 2020 - lockdown restrictions were slowly easing, and I submitted by final coursework, graduating in a global pandemic. I think I've rinsed this photo all over my personal socials and realised I didn't post it on my legal page! During my third year I found it very tough to stay motivated and the lockdown back in March 2020 didn't help with that. However I kept pushing through and kept working hard, even though I was so done with studying. But all this work has been worth it. A few months later I found out I graduated with a First Class Honours and I've never felt so happy. Just a reminder to the third years right now - it's very hard to stay motivated during your final year. But this is the final push. And trust me, your hard work will all pay off in the end. Keep going! 🎇