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I think that all of my photos for 2021 will take place in front of a desk and I’ve made peace with that idea 😅📚 #lpc #llm #lpcstudent #ulaw #studying #deficated #aspiringsolicitor #girlswithambition

LPC Diaries 💫 First week officially done ✅ ___ It’s been an intense week (as expected) but I enjoyed it nonetheless. At the moment I’m trying to develop a routine that allows me to work efficiently. When I’ve perfected it I will definitely be sharing! ___ #lpc #ulaw #llm #lawstudent #student #JTBAL

🪴Revision Checklists🪴 With Core Module exams slowly creeping up, I’m starting to think about revision this week. I’ve started by making my revision plans and checklists. I don’t usually make revision plans for exams, but with the huge amount of content on the LPC I’m worried if I don’t make a plan, I’ll miss something out! I’ve compiled all of the learning outcomes from the workshops to make sure I cover everything. I have also made a grid of things I want to put in my exam folder, like summary sheets, flowcharts, MCQ examples and skeleton answers for popular exam questions. These folders will be my go to references if I need to look for something in an exam. Good luck to all the LPC students who have started/are starting revision for the March exams! We have plenty of time and we got this! . . . #ulaw #legalpracticecourse #studying #universityoflaw #lawstudent #lawstudentlife #study #studygram #studyspo #studymotivation #studynotes #revision #exams #examseason #stationary #folders #checklists #lpc #aspiringsolicitors

How I am revising for Criminal Law: 📎 Using a past paper I annotate the fact patterns to note all of the potential offences and any defences. I then set out the answer using my notes, applying the AR and MR. 📎 I go through the points to note, checking to see if I have missed anything or need to mark anything as important and add them to my answers and highlight the points that I need to focus on. 📎 Based on what I missed I will go over my notes and make any additions or amendments and then do the process again with the second past paper with the goal that I will have picked up on anything I have missed the first time. 📎 I have also been practising using the fact patterns from previous workshops. With criminal law its not just revising the material but practising applying the AR and MR and preparing to do so under times conditions. #studygram #law #lawstudent #lawstudentsofinstagram #thelawyersstudygram #revision #organisation #criminallaw #study #coffee #studymotivation #gdl #ulaw

I took the whole of yesterday off and it was the best decision I could have made. I felt productive (still struggle with feeling guilty if I am not productive though) as I sorted a few things out in my room but taking the day off has made me ready to work over the next three days in preparation for the Criminal Law exam! #studygram #law #lawstudent #lawstudentsofinstagram #thelawyersstudygram #revision #organisation #criminallaw #study #coffee #studymotivation #gdl #ulaw

Got a tenant in my home office today. First LPC workshop was fun trying to listen, participate in discussions and take notes about Expert Statements and Tomlin order whilst child is running rounds and rhyming pairs from 100 to 5. u_law Off to the second one. Is it wine o’clock yet? . . . . . . #lawyermum #lpc #ulaw #homeschooling #fulltimeworkingmum #studying #futurelawyer #wfh #mumstudent

This is what my desk looks like in preparation for workshops! I have a writing pad to hand, worksheets at the ready and my laptop logged into the correct room. I try to avoid having anything unnecessary around me so that I can focus on the materials that I do need 🙌🏼✨ #law #lawstudent #lawmotivation #lawstudentblog #lawstudentlife #lpc #legal #legalpracticecourse #university #universitylife #motivation #workingfromhome #wfh #teamulaw #universityoflaw #studygram

I have an exciting work experience opportunity next week which means I will be unable to attend my Business Law and Practice workshop! To ensure I don’t fall behind I am ◆ Completing the pre recorded workshop in advance of next week, and ◆Completing the reading and preparatory tasks for the following week. This will allow me to stay on top of my workload, meaning I can concentrate & enjoy my work experience without the added pressure of studying when I get home☺️ Being on furlough has given me endless amounts of time which I am trying to make the most of! Hopefully we will never have this much time off again but I am trying to turn this situation into as much of a positive as possible ✨ #law #legalstudies #lawstudent #LPC #Ulaw #postgraduate #lawnotes #businesslaw #workexperience #parttimestudent #lockdown

In preparation for studying my GDL I wanted to build up the best base level of knowledge I could on law before starting. I spotted on the u_law website they had an article "5 must reads for future law student" so I thought that was a good place to start. My first read from the list was "What About the Law?". It was an excellent choice as a first read for me as it gave me a great introduction to each of the core modules. I would definately recommend this book as a great starting place. #ulaw #law #lawstudent #whataboutthelaw #universityoflaw #lawbook

✨ POST-EXAM WORRIES - How To Avoid! ✨ So as you can tell from my recent stories, I have just finished my criminal law oral assessment that I’ve spent WEEKS studying and preparing for😅. Although I do not know the outcome until March, what I do know is that I can’t change anything about it now. This made me think, how do I stop post-exam worries and move on? So here are some tips to help you when you feel a bit worried after exams: ▪️ Hard truth: what’s done is done, you don’t know until you get your results how it went, and you could surprise yourself! All that studying won’t go to waste. ▫️ Focus on your next task: I will be spending the rest of the afternoon perfecting my business law coursework, because I know that if I dwell on my exam I won’t be productive. ▪️Or take a break: If you feel down after your exam, take a break for the day and start studying again tomorrow! You deserve a break🙌🏼. ▫️Don’t be so hard on yourself: I’ll be the first one to admit that when it comes to exams, I always think back like ‘I should have included this that and the other’ but there’s nothing you can do now, it’s done and over with! You really might surprise yourself on results day, just try to stay positive! ✨ What do you do to wind down after exams? ✨ #studygram #lawdegree #lawstudy #lawblog #lawblogger #llb #revision #lawstudent #lawstudies #futurelawyer #lawschool #studylaw #llblaw #digitalnotes #studytips #studyspo #studystudy #studyblog #studyinspo #studygramcommunity #digitalnotetaking #studyblr #studynotes #studywithme #studying #ulaw #studyblogger #studygrammer #studylife #studyinspiration

I’m half way through the busiest month I’ve ever had (pupillage apps, exam revision, work, volunteering) and I am SO beyond exhausted. I have been looking over old graduation pictures in the hope that it will give me the boost of motivation I need to get through January 😎🤓📚🤞P.S get yourself a boyfriend who’s into photography! #barrister #ukbarrister #barristerschambers #innsofcourt #birminghamuniversity #graduationoutfit #lawstudentlife #lawstudentgraduation #universityoflaw #barstudent #barristers #pupillage #pupillagegateway #pupillageapplications

I had all these plan to revise this evening but I brain has said no. Still getting used to listening to my body when it says to stop. On a more positive note I now have a second screen which I am excited to play about with! Can have even more word documents open when I am studying 😂🤦🏻 ♀️ #studygram #law #lawstudent #lawstudentsofinstagram #thelawyersstudygram #revision #organisation #study #coffee #studymotivation #gdl #ulaw

⚖️QUESTIONS YOU COULD GET ASKED IN A PARALEGAL INTERVIEW⚖️ Hello bees! Hope you’ve all had a good start to the week! From the poll, this was the most voted to do first. As some of you know, I was nearly made redundant in my job but was redeployed! During that time, I was applying for jobs and attended a few paralegal interviews as one of the solicitors at my work recommended to do so to help gain a training contract and to get that client experience. I had two interviews within my work. One was for a Medical Negligence and the other was for Motor (Road Traffic Accidents). I had received feedback from the Med Neg position and what had stopped them from offering me the role, was the mode of study with the LPC. I’ve sat down and took my mind back at what they had asked me during the interviews. Because I was internal, I didn’t have to answer why I wanted to work for that particular law firm. So if you’re an external candidate, research into the law firm! Look at any awards they’ve achieved, what departments of law they do, any cases that were dealt from that firm that made to the news and the history of the firm. Then from there, apply it to your own morals. So if the firm does a lot for charities, mention times when you have fundraised or helped with donations. I found when I answered the interviewer’s questions, my answers actually flowed to the next question they would ask. They would just ask me to expand. Some firms may ask you what work you think a Paralegal in that specific department does in a day. Some firms will tell you what the job entitles and your responsibilities per day. I would still think about what a paralegal does in the office. As a paralegal, it’s more than just attending court and seeing clients, you will draft documents, talk to new potential clients (sometimes called new enquiries), complete tasks on your supervising solicitor’s behalf, meetings, talking to experts or other third parties, researching... The list is endless! Comment below if you are a paralegal and what your tips would be during an interview. Feel free to comment if you’re having an interview for this role! If so, I hope these questions help you! Good luck!

Business Law done 💫 🍎 Finally finished my business Coursework after putting the very last part of it off for a week! 🍎 My new ‘plan one day and write up the next’ strategy is definitely the best for me. I spend less time being confused and overworking as my work has been carefully planned out the day before. 🍎 I’ve combined what I did yesterday and today into one post: ~ 1st video - Researched and planned Part C of my business coursework. ~ 2nd video - Completed Part C of my business Coursework. 🍎 Tomorrow I’m just going to double check I’m happy with all of my business Coursework and then it will be ready to submit! 🍎 #timelapse #timelapsestudy #timelapsestudywithme #studywithme #study #studygram #law #lawschool #lawstudent #lawlondonstudent #ulaw u_law

Howdy 👋 I was so excited to receive my offer for the GDL and can’t believe I start on Monday 😯😯 I’ll be studying full time online and want to use this account to show my journey to hopeful qualification as a solicitor in the years to come ♥️ #ulaw #gdl #zoo2law

📅 Effective Planning 📅 Planning ahead is the number 1 way to manage your workload. For my exams this semester, I’ve written out the oral part of my Criminal assessment and done my Business Law 1 coursework first, because those are my exams due first - my oral is tomorrow morning and Business Law 1 has a deadline of tomorrow afternoon. Despite being in the same paper, I’m not tacking the second part of my criminal assessment (which is written) until the weekend because it’s shorter and it’s not due until next Friday. It wouldn’t make sense to put extra pressure on myself when I can plan so I’m getting the most time-pressured things out of the way first. How do you plan for your assessments? Let me know! 📥 #llb #law #lawstudent #criminallaw #lawoforganisations #businesslaw1 #2ndyear #ulaw #liveprospectus #level5 #exam #planning #examtimetable #examstress #stopfordianlaw #oralassessment #coursework