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Books, sweat & tears... 📚 * * * I cannot quite believe that the two years studying the lpc part time with u_law is over. It has flown by & what a journey it has been. It hasn’t been plain sailing, but I’m proud to say I’ve made it to the end. * * * Just a picture of me with all my folders & books ft. a smile of relief & disbelief. There is a good reason it is recommend you take a suitcase to pick up your learning material! For now the search for a training contract continues. #ulaw #parttimestudent #lpc #bloodsweatandtears #books #aspiringlawyer #watchthisspace

Time to celebrate! It’s the end of the Legal Practice Course! Congrats to everyone who has finished their LPC exams! Although I have to take an exam in August that was rescheduled due to mums funeral, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to celebrate with everyone else who has finished the course! Thanks to my friends at #ulaw who helped me get through the last 9 months. I have made some amazing friends who supported me through the hardest moments of my life this year, both by helping me with notes and being a shoulder to lean on. I know mom will be raising a class for me up today, she always liked an excuse to pop open the Prosecco! If you need me this weekend, I’ll be catching up with my besties, absorbing any sunlight and reading a non-law related book with plenty of fizz and chocolate 🤫💓 #lawstudent #lawschool #futurelawyer

📚✨THE LPC IS COMPLETE✨📚 ⁣ ⁣ Honestly, I cannot be more relieved to have finally finished (pending results🤞🏻)! Wow what a journey this has been! 17 exams/assessments in 9 months! ⁣I couldn’t finish the LPC without a final signature folders post!🤩 ⁣ Some of you may have noticed I took a little Instagram break for the last couple of weeks, I was feeling super unfocused and lacking motivation to revise. 4 hour exams in lockdown have not been fun! I’m someone who thrives on the exam halls and getting into the zone to really do my best in exams! ⁣ ⁣ However, I’m BACK! And excited to share lots of new content with you! I’d love to say these are all my notes but there were lots more!⁣ ⁣ I’ve definitely had a major love/hate relationship with the LPC! I love u_law and the content is SO much more interesting than a law degree (personal opinion). I’ve learnt so much that will be so relevant in practice. But WOW, the course is intense! ⁣ ⁣ But really looking forward to celebrating more and getting back to work next week! ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #ulaw #lawschool #TC #law #LPC #finished #exams #revision #futuretrainee

And just like that, my year as a legal practice/master of laws student is over. Not quite sure where the time has gone, but I know that I didn’t envisage ending it like this! • Rewind to December 2019, I hit one of the lowest points mentally throughout my academic career. I questioned whether or not I would see Christmas 2019 with my family, let alone this day today. I recall many journeys home back to Teesside, where I would stand on the platform crying on the phone to my parents because it would be 8pm, and I would be stranded in Leeds/York because my train had been cancelled for whatever rubbish reason Transpennine Express would care to give. • Whether it was a 6am train to Leeds or a 6pm train to Teesside, you would always find me with my head in a book either preparing for my next workshop, or consolidating the last. I always knew that the LLM/LPC qualification was going to be difficult, but deep down I knew it was the final step I had to take before I am able search for a vacancy to practice as a solicitor. • I never thought I had the resilience to pursue a career in the legal sector, and some days I still doubt it if do, but one thing my LPC has taught me, is that you should never give up on something you want so badly. • #postgraduate #LPC #finished #achievement #ulaw #academic #tabs #studynotes #study #studygram #studyaccount #lawschool #lawstudent #traineesolicitor

🍾 LPC? - COMPLETED IT! 🍾 - I found the guts to hand in my research report today so I have now FINALLY finished the LPC and my student days are officially over 🤪☺️👏🏻👯 ♀️👩🏽 ⚖️💋🎉🥂🍾 This last year has truly been the hardest year of my life, but also the most rewarding 🎖The LPC LLM is NOOOO joke 😂 - I have tested myself beyond measures. I have surprised myself. I have shocked myself. I have disappointed myself. But above all - I am proud of myself!☺️ - As you can see, many trees were harmed in the making of this course. I am so glad I resorted to a whiteboard for my revision notes and mindmaps (had to sneak it in to the pic 😏) as it saved so much paper from being wasted! 🗑 (lil tip there) - I can’t wait to get back to my life, catch up with friends (very needed), sleep in, sleep more than 5 hours a night, pluck my eyebrows, paint my nails, up my fitness and just everything you lose track of when you’ve been taken over my revision and studies 😂💅🏼👩🏽 🤝 👩🏾🏃🏽 ♀️ - I have some really exciting things coming up for this account. I now have lots of free time and will be back with a bang 💥 Exciting things coming this Friday!! Thank you all for being patient and so supportive these last few months! ❤️💜💚 - Now I’m off to drink some fizz 🤪🥂🍾

A bit anti-climatic, but this screen marks the culmination of my #mastersdegree with #ulaw. #msc #lpc #lawschool #lawstudents #graduate #coronapocalypse

I, somehow, just finished the LPC... * * I started the LPC in September 2018. I went from living with my parents in Hertfordshire, to living with my boyfriend in Reading. I then started the LPC a month later. It was all a bit of a shock! * * Now, two years on with all these folders and books later, it’s finished. I don’t know what it feels like to not have anything to do! * * Slightly gobsmacked that it’s over but also so relieved! Now I am looking forward to enjoying the weather, seeing my family and moving into the house I just bought! * * It’s truly been a whirlwind. Goodbye education and goodbye to the LPC! * * #lpc #student #graduate #law #legal #study #ulaw

New week, new goals. ⁣ ⁣ I've been pretty quiet with my posting on this page over the last couple of weeks.⁣ I've been taking some time for myself and trying to focus on doing more of the things that I enjoy. I have loved being able to spend some time focusing on my new account, thelegallook and just being creative. (If I wasn't going to be a solicitor, I would most definitely be working in some form of creative role!).⁣ ⁣ Law is without a doubt my passion. But in such a demanding profession, it can be easy to sideline the other things that you enjoy in life. Having a good work / life balance is essential to surviving in this sector. Over the next few weeks I hope to be able to share some of the other things that I enjoy that are helping me to get the balance just right.

Does anyone else’s coffee intake significantly increase around exams and deadlines!! I’m enjoying my morning cup relieved I don’t have to spend the day buried in revision notes but also feeling a bit lost what to do!! Contemplating getting a head start on EU and Criminal Law or binging Netflix! . . . . #law #lawstudent #caffine #coffee #study #studygram #student #maturestudent #ulaw #malaw #gdl #aspiringsolicitors #careerchange #uni #exam #exams #lawstudentblog #lawyer #lawnotes #lawdegree #studentlife #solicitor #lawyer #aspiringlawyer #summer #summertime #break #rest

Lovely first Sunday morning walk with yogi_to_the_rescue 🐕 and summerfleurr 🌻 - perfect way to destress before LPC exams #yogisofinstagram #sundaymornings #guernseylife #ulaw #lpc #lawstudent

First takeaway coffee in 75+ days... bliss! ☕️ Just in time for exams next week... ⁣ ⁣ This is a little gem of a coffee shop in Chiswick, usually always full of cute dogs 🐕. ⁣ ⁣ I was a bit worried about grabbing a takeaway but it was so easy to queue and there were so many protective measures inside, I felt relaxed the whole time!⁣ ⁣ Next week I have 2 exams, one a day after the other which is unfortunate, but whenever I feel like moaning I just think back to A-Levels and GCSEs where we did soooo many exams in such a short amount of time. So if we can do that then we can definitely do this! ⁣ ⁣ I can’t believe exams are here... I’m in such a weird limbo because usually by now I’d be in the library constantly but working from home I struggle to get into the exam mindset. I’m going to try my best regardless 💪 ⁣ ⁣ Hope everyone else has had a great week! ⁣

Contract Law: DONE 💃 My first at-home exam is complete and I’m just so relieved it’s over! It was a tricky one, contract is definitely not my favourite!! Just Tort to go on Friday and feeling more confident for this one! #universityoflaw #lawstudent #contractlaw #lawexams #womeninlaw #masters #monday #relax

This is me being productive. Taking a break, eating fish and chips on the beach and drinking a cider... during exam season. This is me working my hardest. How? Because I will burn out without breaks. - We ALL work differently. Whether that’s under different pressures, in different ways or striving towards different goals. But, something we should all have in common is knowing how important it is to look after ourselves which requires taking TIME OFF 🗣 - I don’t do this every day - being a student requires hard graft undoubtably. You have to push yourself sometimes which is really important to remember. None of this is supposed to be easy, we need to work for it! 💪🏼 But taking an entire evening/whole day off is SO important. Taking breaks (even when i don’t think I need to) fuels my motivation + keeps my mind positive 💆🏽 ♀️🌟 - Remember your end goal. Whether you’ve finished exams + are struggling to find job opportunities, whether you’re still doing exams + struggling to remember your goal or purpose, whether you’ve been furloughed or are unemployed due to Covid-19. This is ALL temporary. You will reap the rewards at the end if you keep pushing on 🌟 - If you’re struggling mentally then please don’t suffer in silence. In listening to podcasts or reaching out for help when you need it you are giving yourself a break from your own mind - let alone studies - and that’s what matters 🌟 find some below!⬇️ - • lawcareersnet - Episode 14 Managing your Mental Health as an aspiring lawyer (and lockdown tips) • lawcare - a legal mental health charity providing support to those in the legal profession who are feeling the pressure of work or study. They have a confidential web chat + phone line. • mentalhealthfoundation podcast - Series 5 Ep 1 - “Kindness matters to our mental health” • nightlineassociation - Check their website to find out if your Uni offers a confidential listening service run by trained students! Many have temporarily suspended their phone call service but still have an email service operating.💜 • mindcharity - They have a great section on their website giving practical advice for staying at home. - #mentalhealthawarenessweek 🧡

Rehearse, relax and repeat☀️ ♡ Today I have spent mostly relaxing in the sun, however spent some time this morning rehearsing and practising my oral assessment💜 ♡ Today I have felt a little more confident about my assessment, which I hope will carry to Friday☺️ . . #Law #Criminology #Law&Criminology #LLB #LawGirl #LawStudent #LawNotes #LawStudentLife #Student #Studygram #Study #ULaw #UniversiryOfLaw #UniversityOfLawLeeds #University #Undergraduate #FirstYear #FirstYearStudent #FirstYearStudentLaw

Rest and a Relaxation after exams 🙌🏼 I hiked up a bloody hill to finally get to this (I’ve been wanting to do it for about 20 years 😂)

F R O Z E N G R A P E S 🍇 One of my favourite summertime snacks.. They are so good for when you are busy revising, so little prep, yet super yummy🤍 Anyway have a wonderful day guys 🤍