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🌙// Good evening bees! So I’d say today has been surprisingly productive! I had my last business law workshop today which I really enjoyed. The tutor is honestly so helpful and really doesn’t mind giving extra details for topics! I did however think after my session how much time there is to prepare and at the time, I felt a bit sick with panic. I’m really grateful the business law exam is an open book, but it’s my first weighted exam and it’s 30 credits. That’s quite a lot to be honest! I also strive to do the ultimate best I can when it comes to revision and being assessed and just didn’t feel like I have the confidence to even pass it. I got back at it revision wise tonight and finally got my head around corporation tax. I remember not quite getting it in the workshop, but I used the specimen exam and did what I thought was right and compared it with the answer. From that, I’ve made my own version of a template to use for the real exam (I have a feeling it’ll come up but I’m still going to study income tax and capital gains ofcourse!). I’m feeling a little bit more confident as I revise! Now time to pack up and get ready for bed as I’m up early tomorrow for work. I have my consolidation lecture and a revision session tomorrow afternoon after work which will hopefully help massively with revising. Hope everyone has had a good week so far, enjoy the night whatever you’re doing!❤️ #law #lawblog #tax #businesslawexam #lpc #llm #lpcllm #ulaw #universityoflaw #lawanswered #examseason #revision #study #studygram #studyblr #lawstudent #lawstudy #lawstudygram #grid #template #stationery #pastel #avocado #highlighters #candle #wednesday #motivation #productivity #school #college

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