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#Repost • @browneyedlawyer Back to University (One Last Time) You would think that after completing two degrees I would be bored about going back to study. But on the contrary, September has always been on of my favorite times of the year because its the time for new beginnings, it's the opportunity to reinvent yourself and start from scratch (this time maybe with more experience and a better idea of what works for you). Also a new school year always means new stationery and who doesn't love new pencil cases, gel pens, folders and notebooks. This year I will be studying the LPC (Legal Practice Course) + Msc in Law, Business and Management at The University of Law. My Induction day is Tuesday 10th of September, but my actual classess (workshops) do not commence until the 16th of September. Even though this is still a few weeks away, next week I will begin by doing a refresher course on contract law, criminal law, equity and trusts, EU, Land Law and Public Law to name a few. This is an easy way to gradually ease my way back into university mode. This is my back to University List. Calendar Pencil case White out/ Correction Tape Highlighters 1 subject book for each subject Index Cards Planner Display Folder for each subject Sticky Notes All Kinds and Colors of Pens What is your favorite part of going back to Uni? How do you prepare? What stationery do you use that I should add to mine? #studygram #studyblog #stationery #aspiringsolicitor #lawstudent #lawywertobe #laWtina #studycommunity #studyinspiration #studymotivation #studywithme #stationerylover #lawblog #studyaccount #studygrammer #studytips

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