Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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#Repost #LiveProspectus • @thelillifter If you’ve been following along my story today you’ll have seen what a typical day in the life looks like as a first year law student! 📚 I’m busy a lot of the time, I have to read ahead and prepare notes before going to my classes and generally have good organisation and time management skills to manage the work load and stay on top! So my top tips for organising your time whilst studying are: 1️⃣Create a rough timetable for your studies, any part time work, extra curricular activities, independent reading and social time. I saw ‘rough’ timetable because planning your time down to the last hour leaves no leeway for plans to change, things to come up or being ill to name a few. You need that leeway for breathing space! 2️⃣Keep a record of reading/work that gets set in classes all in one place. There’s no point writing it down in individual lecture notes dotted here and there. Have everything together so you know when everything is due and can priorities accordingly 📖 3️⃣Have something going on alongside your studies so it doesn’t consume your life. I train alongside my work and studies as I’ve been doing it for years and just made it on to two competitive dance teams at my uni. These are my outlets and somewhere where I don’t allow myself to stress or think about work. 4️⃣Use Sunday night as your ‘getting ahead’ evening, check if you’ve missed any work that needs to be in that week, check your calendar for what’s coming up that week, prepare your meals so that’s one less thing you have to stress about and prepare your clothes and bag the night before so Monday is a get up and go kind of deal 😎 5️⃣Write up and finish your lecture notes each day. Don’t forget about them until it comes to revision time because that is STRESS CENTRAL 👀 I write my lectures up on my laptop, print them off and file them into subjects, lectures and further reading so I know where everything is and that I’ve done it ✌🏼 #lawstudent #lawschool #brighton #university #brightonuni #law #studying #studymotivation #studytips #studentlife

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