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✨HOW TO ACE OPEN BOOK EXAMS✨ I’ve had a few requests to discuss this, and although I’m not very experienced with open book exams, I can share some tips. My first ever open book exam was Legal Method at the start of my MA year, but it didn’t count towards my final grade (you just have to pass first time) and it didn’t require ‘proper’ revision since the subject matter is straightforward. My January exams were normal closed book exams and I didn’t really use the physical manual for those three subjects as I preferred to use the pdf version and have Google docs open next to it. You can see which ones aren’t tabbed up! Coronavirus completely changed the assessments at u_law so I ended up doing my final four exams at home and they were open book. Here are my tips: ⚖️ TAB UP! Almost everything I needed was in the manual, so I highlighted, annotated and tabbed it up so I could easily and quickly find the information I needed. You can get sticky tabs from Amazon ⚖️ PRETEND IT’S CLOSED BOOK. It sounds like an easy exam because your notes are in front of you, but you still need to revise and practise as normal because you won’t have time to do anything other than quickly check certain pieces of information. During the exam you should mostly be using information that’s already in your head, and you DEFINITELY need to understand everything and know how to structure your answer before the exam. You can’t read a topic for the first time in weeks during the exam so still test yourself, still do practice questions and still memorise cases and statutes ⚖️ DO MORE PAST PAPERS. While I say you should still be memorising information like normal, you obviously don’t need to be able to recall absolutely everything like for a normal exam, so use the extra time to your advantage and focus on practice questions with your notes in front of you I hope this helps! Let me know what else you want me to give tips for👇 - - - - - #liveprospectus #notetaking #studynotes #studyvibes #studygram #revisionnotes #notestagram #studymotivation #studystudy #studystudystudy #studystagram #studywithme #studying #studystyle #studyaccount #studytime #studytips #studygrammer #studygramcommunity #lawgrad

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