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📚 CORNELL METHOD 📚 That title was going sort of ok with calligraphy (it’s difficult with highlighters) and I can’t tell if the cursive writing on top made it better or worse. I feel like it’s made the first bit of yellow better but not the rest and both of them went wron... I don’t know 🤷🏻 ♂️ ANYWAY, this method of studying is pretty simple. You have two columns - the left is ‘keywords’ and the right is ‘main text.’ After writing a keyword you then accompany it with the main text (which in my case would be details of the law, statutes, cases etc). For example, my keyword of ‘real & personal’ on Freehold Covenants (shown) covers what a ‘real’ covenant and a ‘personal’ covenant is and the legal test for a real covenant. The benefit is your notes are structured and neat. I also find it easier than mind maps because everything is on lines as opposed to trying to fit into tiny gaps. You can also just look down the ‘keywords’ column as a reference point rather than having to flick through all of your notes for a small bit of info. I’m going to be doing more of these today as Land Law exam is tomorrow! Might put a post up about how our exam is being taken either later or tomorrow. Whichever I do I’ll be glad to see it over. 😅 I was introduced to this by lawstudentinleeds who does it much neater than me and covers the Cornell method in much more detail. Please go and check them out! Also I would like to apologise to Jordon for completely messing up his lovely handwriting which he so kindly provides a practice sheet for. Which study methods do you find helpful? 🖋✨ P.S: my favourite fineliner colour from staedtleruk is at the bottom of the picture. I just love it. 📚📚📚 #law #llb #lawstudent #ulaw #liveprospectus #2ndyear #2ndyearlawstudent #aspiringsolicitor #stopfordianlaw #cornellmethod #cornell #notes #study #exams #examstress #revision #landlaw #solicitor

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