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🌟 Consolidation Week 🌟 A week needed! Up to now, I have super messy notes for Business Law and Practice (BLP). My main focus this week will be to tidy these up and revise HARDCORE style for my mock exam. Alot of people, including my past self, won't participate in mock assessments as they think they are 'pointless' or a 'waste of time'. But in reality, if done correctly, are a good practice and a good indication of how you will do in the real thing. BLP is a 4 hour exam. 4 HOUR!? Like 🤯🤯🤯! So these mock assessments are worth while and are super important to make sure you really are prepared. It is an open-book exam, where you are able to take in 2 level arch files and any textbooks you require, so it is essential that your notes are in order and books are tabbed for efficiency during the allocated time. Consolidation week is a great time to get this done. This will also refresh your memory on the topics you have learnt and information you need for the exam. I wish everyone luck who is participating in the BLP mock exam this week! I hope it goes well for each and every one of you! #study #studygram #student #studentsofinstagram #ulaw #ulawmanchester #exam #mockexam #preperation #consolidation #blog #blogger

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