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How I am revising for Criminal Law: 📎 Using a past paper I annotate the fact patterns to note all of the potential offences and any defences. I then set out the answer using my notes, applying the AR and MR. 📎 I go through the points to note, checking to see if I have missed anything or need to mark anything as important and add them to my answers and highlight the points that I need to focus on. 📎 Based on what I missed I will go over my notes and make any additions or amendments and then do the process again with the second past paper with the goal that I will have picked up on anything I have missed the first time. 📎 I have also been practising using the fact patterns from previous workshops. With criminal law its not just revising the material but practising applying the AR and MR and preparing to do so under times conditions. #studygram #law #lawstudent #lawstudentsofinstagram #thelawyersstudygram #revision #organisation #criminallaw #study #coffee #studymotivation #gdl #ulaw

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