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✨ CONDENSING YOUR NOTES FOR EASIER STUDYING ✨ I recently made a post on consolidating notes for more effective study sessions, but I’ve also received a lot more messages asking for help with this! So, I thought I’d re-share my top tips for condensing your notes: ▪️ Take out the explanatory bits - ask yourself ‘would I actually use this in an exam?’... If the answer is no, get rid of it! You’ll only be studying it for the sake of it if you’re not going to implement it in your work. ▫️ Reword your notes - this helps with understanding and grasping topics when it comes to studying🙌🏼. Reword your notes from lectures and reading so it makes sense to you and how you would apply it in exams. ▪️ Abbreviate - Once I have jotted down an act/legislation, I then refer to it as its abbreviated term in my notes (e.g Law of Property Act 1925 would be LPA 1925). This helps slimming down what’s on the page and makes your notes feel less overwhelming when studying👏🏼. ▫️ Slim down on your actual cases... This obviously applies to law students only, but you don’t need 15 cases per subheading otherwise you’ll need to learn 1,000’s of them! Just keep to the key cases with important principles and cases that have some importance👨🏻 ⚖️. ▪️ Finally, tailor your notes to your seminar work - your seminars/workshops usually are good indicators on what you NEED to know and hints at what could pop up on the exam, so be sure to focus on the work in your workshops and transfer that to your notes when it comes to studying✍🏼. 🌟 Do you consolidate your notes before exam season? 🌟 #studygram #lawdegree #lawstudy #lawblog #lawblogger #llb #revision #lawstudent #lawstudies #futurelawyer #lawschool #studylaw #llblaw #studymotivation #studytips #studyspo #studystudy #studyblog #studyinspo #studygramcommunity #studyaccount #studyblr #studynotes #studywithme #studying #ulaw #studyblogger #studygrammer #studylife #studyinspiration

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