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🌟A Day in The Life🌟 So my weekends usually consist of sitting at the desk for hours on end (the struggles of still working full time) to get some essays done! I usually do all my lectures, reading and prep work on weekdays after finishing work (luckily I can finish at 4:30🙌🏼) Today we’re working on the first essay for Business Law and a video submission for Criminal Law👨🏻 ⚖️ I try to map out the day ahead using my calander so I can keep on track and focus on the main tasks that need to be completed✅ My usual Saturday goes a little something like this: 🔹Wake up, make a STRONG coffee and write down my goals for the day 🔹Look over my notes from the past week and consolidate to digest them easier (whilst listening to ‘keyboard typing no talking’ of course...🤣) 🔹Look through the essays assigned/that are due in over the next week and start to plan for each one 🔹 Once I have a plan, I get down to work and type away for 5 hours (literally😅) - with breaks in between of course! 🔹Usually I manage to get at least two done, but as long as I have my essay plans completed for all three I finish the third essay on Sunday (but that’s a completely new day we won’t delve into yet⏰) Saturday is usually my ‘in the zone’ day of the weekend so I can have a slightly more relaxed Sunday☕️ 🔸 What is your usual Saturday schedule? Does it involve university work?🔸 *apologies for the very low quality of this image😂* #studygram #lawdegree #lawstudy #lawblog #lawblogger #llb #revision #lawstudent #lawstudies #futurelawyer #trainingcontract #vacationscheme #lawschool #studylaw #llblaw #studymotivation #studytips #studyspo #studytime #studyblog #studyinspo #studygram #studyaccount #studyblr #studynotes #studywithme #studying #ulaw #universityoflaw #liveprospectus

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