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🌺 WISH ME LUCK 🌺 The first of my two exams this term is today! For the past 3 months I’ve been studying Land Law and Equity and Trusts as part of a Graduate Diploma in Law. . It’s funny to be studying seriously again, a whole 12 years after I finished my last Masters (I suppose I now count as a ‘mature’ student), but amazing to be applying my brain to something new. AND exciting to think about the possibilities it will bring. It’s also given me something to focus on and look forward to during the lockdown. . We have long working lives ahead of us, so it’s important that we reassess our skills and direction periodically - and have the courage to change that direction! I reassessed where I was this January, and decided that my experience, skill set and ability to have an impact would be enhanced by this new step. . After this set of exams, I’ll be three-quarters of the way through the course. Only Criminal Law, EU Law and a research project on the Modern Slavery Act to go! That will then hopefully take me on to the next phase of Barrister training and a LLM in International Human Rights Law. . 📸 Beautiful flowers at the birchcommunity house . ⠀ #wishmeluck #lawstudent #lawstudentlife #studentlife #exams #flowers #purpleflowers #birchcommunity #staycation #staycationuk #staycation2020 #hertfordshire #universityoflaw #hibiscusflower #hibiscus #internationalhumanrights #internationalhumanrightslaw #careergoals #careerchange #careeradvice #lifeadvice

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