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• LPC Exam Preparation • I personally found a big jump from LLB to LPC. For me, it seems a lot more pressured regarding getting work done and also exam periods. Here are some of my tips for preparing: • Tabs 📑 : There are a lot of open book exams in the LPC so get tabbing! Have a folder and colour code, e.g. pink = structures, green = examplars, so within topics you can easily find what you are looking for. • Practice makes perfect 🔁 : Unlike some exams (particularly GCSE and A-Levels) there aren’t loads of past exam papers, so become familiar with the specimen and tasks completed in the workshop. NB: the textbook also has examples that you can work through, completed with answers. • Ask for help ❓ : Make a revision buddy or ask your lecturers on areas you don't understand, they are there to help you. • Timings ⏰ : LPC exams are definitely tight on time, also some of the timings have changed recently, so make sure you are familiar with the time allowed. Also give some thought to how you’ll best structure the time for the questions. Remember in the exam, it is better to attempt every question, instead of doing e.g. 3 out of 4 questions completely, as you'll potentially pick up more marks. • Give yourself a break ☕ : Everyone wants to do well, and especially with the pandemic, it is easy to put too much pressure on yourself, particularly with fewer distractions. However, I promise it will be detrimental in the long run. Relax, you deserve it! Go for a walk, have a cup of tea, chill out, watch Netflix, read a book, have a nap - whatever you fancy, do it. Finally, remember... You can do it! #lpc #ulawsma #ulaw #ulawbristol #liveprospectus #ulawlpc #ulawstudent #lpcstudent #postgrad #postgraduate #bristol #bristolstudent #studygram #desksetup #daffodills #notes #writing #revisiontips #revision #studytips #tips #revision #studying #exams # examtips u_law

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