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⚡️// Good afternoon bees. I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday weekend. I pretty much revised the entire weekend before the exam today for Private Client. During the few months of revision and considering the advanced reading, I had predicted a couple of the questions in today’s exam. I had a feeling there would be something on tax calculations and the LPA/EPA. I’m actually rather happy with what I wrote and hope that I’ve done enough to pass. I believe I should find out around October this year! After all personal things going on recently, I don’t want to sound vain but, I’m really proud of myself that I was able to revise through the stress and emotions and to be happy with my answers and quite pleased with the questions. I’m so glad it’s over with and I can relax up until near the end of September where I start the final year of the LPC. Now it’s just prepping for Dispute Resolution, Real Estate and Solicitor Accounts. For now, I’ll be celebrating later today that my exams for the first year of the LPC are done with!💫 Enjoy your Tuesday bees! And for anyone who has done today’s resit or any other resit exams this month, be proud of yourself. Everyone has different circumstances as to why they’ve done a resit/reattempt. I wish you the best of luck with your results. I’m sure you’ve done fantastical!❤️ #law #privateclient #ulaw #universityoflaw #exam #resitexam #examhelp #student #lawstudent #lawblog #lawstudygram #studymotivation #studygram #studyblog #lpc #solicitor #wills #trusts #equityandtrusts #barrister #studyspace #laptop #desk #llb #august #imfree

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