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BAR COURSE TIP The intensity of the BPC steps up a level after Christmas. This can come as a shock as you struggle to keep up with the momentum of the course with the increased reading and preparation for each workshop. Here is what I do to keep ahead of the game: 1. On a Sunday, I go through the next 2 weeks' units for civil and criminal litigation and skills. This way, I know what advocacy submissions and drafting assignments will need to be prepared. These are the things that take up a lot of time, so being aware of what is coming up helps you to plan your workload. 2. I have a look at the BSB syllabus and assess how heavy the reading is each week. This allows me to plan when I'm going to get the reading done. 3. I go through the tasks required to prepare for each workshop and plan which ones I will get out of the way first. I like to get the short tasks out the way first. 4. I will check my calendar and note what additional commitments I have for the week. For example, this week, I have an Advocacy Club moot and a Middle Temple advocacy workshop to prepare for. I will print out the bundles for each and read through the papers to get an idea of how much time I will need to allocate for those. 5. I will then pop any deadlines and specific prep times into my calendar. For example, thus week I need to submit a skeleton argument 24 hours before my civil skills workshop so that deadline is plugged in. I have also blocked off time in my diary to prepare for the bail application. As it happens, it's quite straightforward, so I have set aside time to prepare that on Thursday morning. You will see from the pictures in my post that all this information is written down in a notebook so that I tick it off as I complete the tasks. Now, I'm off to the gym before starting this week's reading. Don't forget to make time to look after yourself on the course! #aspiringlawyer #aspiringbarrister #barpracticecourse #bptc #barristertobe #barstudent #barristerintraining #barschool u_law #ulaw

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