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#ImposterSyndrome - let’s talk about it!! This last week I spent an entire day with a Crown Court Judge. While we sat in Chambers, from no where, the judge offered to connect me with a barrister to have a quick chat and answer any questions I had and the barrister said yes. We could’ve stayed in court, but the barrister decided to take me out for a drink. We spoke for so long, that the judge called me to make sure I didn’t get lost😂 This judge gave me her personal mobile number and told me to stay in touch🥲 This was a reminder that I am capable of everything I want to do in this life and more. I realised that others see something I don’t always see in myself. I have the opportunity to do this again with a few more judges but I genuinely am struggling to find time. It sounds crazy to me that this is now my reality. I have come from SO far!!! This is big for me. Thank you, God❤️ It’s so important to reflect on achievements, especially those you have wished for and prayed for. #weekend #thoughts #motivation #courtlife #courtcase #criminallawyer #studywithme #like #postoftheday #photography #studymotivation #ulaw #pupillagediaries #motivational #liketime #sharonatthebar_

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