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THROWBACK 📚 This time last year, I was preparing for my first #LPC exam of the year which was Solicitors Accounts #SAC. This required knowledge of the #SRAs account rules and Code of Conduct. You had to look at client ledgers and figure out on which account, client or office, to post money and withdrawals. 📤📥 • This is the exam where LPC students said 'I chose Law because there wouldn't be any maths but then there was SAC' (!) lol 💱 • You also had to prepare a #financialstatement 📄 on completion of a purchase and sale of properties to ensure that clients receive the correct amount and no money remains on client account as law firms cannot be used as a banking facility. 💸 Good luck to everyone sitting exams soon! I hope the fresh new start allows you to focus and work hard to succeed 🙌🏼 Swipe for some tips that were shared at u_law • #LPC #SAC #SRA #Lawstudent #aspiringsolicitor #ulaw #ledgers #clientaccount #officeaccount #solicitorsaccounts #codeofconduct #accountrules

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