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When someone asks what I've been doing during my time at home: 1. Networking, networking, networking. 2. Volunteering as an A Level mentor and advocate for the Trussell Trust. 3. Virtual internships. 4. Attending so many webinars. 5. Creating reading lists. 6. Subscribing to some kick ass Podcasts. 7. Increasing my commercial awareness. 8. Virtual law fairs. 9. Making TC applications. 10. Making a shit tonne of notes. 11. Updating my CV. 12. Doing a whole plethora of online courses. That's not to mention looking after my two little feral darlings 😍😅 and keeping on top of the never. ending. housework! #unlawyerly_lawyer #aspiringsolicitor #aspiringlawyer #trainingcontract #law #ulaw #u_law #keepingbusy u_law

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