Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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Feels FABULOUS to be back on campus today, thank you so much to the team u_law for granting mask exemption this is going to make such a positive impact on my learning without those nasty flashbacks! Came in early to go over my prep work for today’s lessons, having just finished I look back and see that for #citizenship I’d noted the wonderful deangraziosi as an example of a person who is great at giving presentations......yes he is that 👏 It reinforced in my own mind that coming to #university as a #maturestudent is totally the right thing, I’m constantly building and expanding my knowledge with every lesson. Doing things back to front has made me realise how truly blessed and lucky I’ve been to have a firm professional learning foundation from various industry and company leaders and my gratitude to them is growing alongside my academic knowledge. I’m super grateful and appreciative. #maturestudent #liveprospectus #universityoflaw #ulaw #gratitude #neverstoplearning #lawofattraction #worlddomination #lawschool #businessschool

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