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A few more days to go before my Solicitors Accounts exam📚 Here are a few of my tips👉🏻 ▫️Practice questions. I cannot stress this enough. Find all practice questions available from your uni textbook, workshop prep/consolidation/tasks, lectures, workbook and spec assessments. All your answers are in here! ▫️Prepare yourself a cheat sheet which is easily accessible. You can include your main ledger entries on here and typical SAR answers. ▫️Make sure your notes are organised and you take practice questions into the exam. You can use the exemplars as a back up if you get stuck! ▫️For ledger questions make sure you read the question fully. Your firm may have specific policies - such as not allowing cheques to be split. ▫️Take in a spare notebook. This is helpful on the financial statement question. I use this to write down and separate what comes under purchase and what comes under sale. ▫️Finally, take part in my MCQ on my stories! 5 questions are uploaded every day and are later saved to my highlights. I’ve had great feedback on these so give them a go!💫 GOOD LUCK!! #lpc #legalblogger #solicitorsaccounts #liveprospectus

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