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Hey everyone! My name is Kirsty, I'm 25 and currently studying towards my LPC MSc at The University of Law, Moorgate. I graduated this year from the University of Greenwich, where I studied law. ⚖️ . . So, about me and my background: my path into law was not a deliberate one; I finished my A-levels and had no clue what I wanted to do for a career! I originally set out to study Journalism and eventually become a Sports Journalist. After toying with this idea and possibly studying Physiotherapy, I realised that this was not the path for me. . . After finishing my A-levels and working two part-time jobs, I applied for a position in a small high-street firm 🛍️ who specialised in conveyancing, wills & probate, employment law, family law and civil litigation. I was thrilled to be offered the position of Junior Legal Secretary at the firm. I worked here for just over a year before joining a global practice who specialised in Commercial Real Estate. Working at this firm opened my eyes to the opportunities available to me, and how life can take you in any direction. I worked at the firm for almost two years, when I decided that law and becoming a solicitor was the career for me, and the rest is history! 📚 . . As you can tell I did not have the most conventional route into law, nor did I anticipate studying it. However, my experience before I studied law cemented my decision into entering the profession, as a solicitor. 🎉 . . Understandably, most students (law and non-law) don't have a direct route into law, and take it from me - its okay! I am still on my legal journey to securing a training contract whilst studying my LPC MSc, and I am excited to see what the future holds! 🎓 . . A question for you guys - what fuelled your decision to enter the legal profession? I would love to hear your stories! 📖 . . #TLPTakeover by Kirsty Henton (misshenton), LPC Student at the University of Law #law #lawstudent #lawlife #studylaw #university #universityoflaw #lpc #moorgate #lawatuniversity #motivation #studygram #aspiringsolicitor #getintolaw #autumnterm #thelawyerportal

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