Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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Good Afternoon! And Welcome! I hope everyone is having a great day... This will be a new platform diving into relatable life, not only as a law student but as a student and someone with a hidden disability. I suffer with Hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which is a chronic pain illness effecting all joints in my body and various functions inside and out. Not only does this effect my mobility, but also my energy, my concentration and motivation while causing me extreme and varying daily pain. It effects individuals very differently, hence the symbolic zebra. Due to it being an invisible disability, like many others, it is very easy for others to make negative assumptions on my condition. As this is not a very common disability (like many others, invisible or not), I have decided to spread awareness of this condition and disability in general, in regards to daily life AND student life. I would love for anyone with open ears and open hearts to follow me on this journey and also fellow zebras and fellow individuals living with various disabilities to have a platform in which they can relate to and feel represented. Thankyou! 🤍🖤🤍🖤 #studentlife #lawstudent #law #student #ULaw #hiddendisability #disability #disabled #chronicillness #chronicpain #HEDs #Ehlersdanlossyndrome #zebras #zebra

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