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Private Client Exam today! ✅ Good luck everyone!! I am quite excited for this exam today! I have put in a LOT of prep to understand the different types of trusts and settlements. My Tips 👍🏼 - Coloured paper for advanced reading #this makes it easier to find it when you have lots of pieces of paper on the table - Always print the exam paper #easy to annotate and highlight - Calculator with BIG buttons #means you are less likely to press the wrong buttons - 2 different computes highlighters one #for picking out the elements of the questions and the other for highlighting any relevant facts - I always have a rescue pastille before any exam #i find it calms my nerves - DO YOUR EXAM AT UNI #less stress you have the IT team here to help you with any needs if anything goes wrong #i have done all of my exams on campus and I would not change a thing ✅✅✅ #liveprospectus #ulaw #exam #tax #law #universityoflaw #campus

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