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Examinations 📝 It’s my Equity and Trusts Exam this afternoon, which is the only subject I’ve had this semester with an unseen exam. Exams for us at the moment are still different. We’re still online and for the LLB at least they’re still non-proctored, meaning the exams aren’t invigilated live and your submission will just go through plagiarism software. I’d definitely say exams are my least favourite assessment method, and the Level 6 grade descriptors seem difficult! Also Equity is one of those up and down subjects - some stuff just clicked instantly and other bits I probably still don’t get. I’ve got tips below based on how I deal with exams 📖 If they’re non-proctored, use this to your advantage! The assessment is still timed so you won’t have time to look things up, but having answer structures and key points on flashcards will help massively. Take advantage of the opportunity! 📖 The exams have a time limit and there are only a certain number of marks for each question. Focus on a complete answer rather than an over-explained incomplete answer. 📖 Following on - Write a little about a lot rather than a lot about a little. 📖 Showcasing knowledge is important but don’t write a whole para on a rule that doesn’t apply! 📖 Keep calm and focus. This is the most important. The examiner isn’t trying to trick you! How do you deal with exams? 📝 #llb #law #ulaw #liveprospectus #year3 #lawstudent #stopfordianlaw #equity #trusts #exams #examstress #level6 #3rdyear #university

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