Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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🪑 Good desk = good... tests?🪑 As you can see on my laptop, I’m ‘excelling’ at these headlines (hehehe🤣) Posted on my stories earlier this week that I have a new temporary desk, as a result of my sister’s room being redecorated as it no longer fits there. It may be strewn in paint stains but so far it’s going well! It’s a lot more spacious which means I can have my laptop and two folders out at the same time (instead of a folder being on the floor). But it will only be temporary as it’s a bit low. A good desk/study area is great for effective study. Here’s what I find helps make a useful yet homely study space: 🤗 Make sure it’s not too cramped. If you have a small desk in a corner you’ll feel trapped and obviously won’t have room for all the materials you need. 🤗 Equally make sure it’s not too big. You need enough space for all your work but not so much that you have to get up to look at things anyway 🤗 If it’s possible, use a seperate room (I’ve talked about this before). If it’s your bedroom, you won’t be in a study mindset as your bedroom is a relaxation room. Also if it’s possible try to have a quiet room free of distractions! 🤗 Make sure there’s space to store your files and materials, prefereably within reach of your desk 🤗 Plug sockets are important! Laptops need charging. You don’t want to have to stop because there isn’t a socket for a charger that reaches the desk 🤗 COMFY CHAIR - possibly the most important of all. If you’re constantly shifting because your chair isn’t padded well/doesn’t support you, you won’t be focussing on your learning. What do you find helps make an effective study space? ✨ #llb #law #ulaw #liveprospectus #stopfordianlaw #studyspace #effectivestudy #happydesk #2ndyear #lawstudent

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