Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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✨l e c t u r e s ✨ Hi! Sorry for being so inactive. It’s good to take breaks from social media, but mine wasn’t a break as I was still checking stuff - I just was unsure of what to post. Plus I thought you might be sick of my long posts Today’s post is about lectures and how to get the most out of them. So here are my tips: ✨ Use your materials: We’re lucky at u_law because the University provides us with detailed student guides - lots of cases (both key and additional) are provided, alongside quotes and extracts of law that we need. Sometimes whole sections of Acts are provided in physical copy that are relevant to that topic. The student guide also has headers for different parts of the topic with varying spaces, which indicate how much you need to know about that particular thing. Using the guides also means you don’t have to write out swathes of information - as quotes and cases are already provided for you ✨ Keep focused - this is one that applies to all studying really. Keep your phone in another room or on silent. To prevent yourself getting embroiled in conversations or socials, use apps like the Forest app. ✨Interract! One good thing about online lectures is it’s so easy to interract with tutors and other students. Asking questions to clarify something or further your learning will massively help you understand topics. Tutors will also stay on at the end to answer any questions about the topic. ✨Fill in the gaps - use any pre-recorded large group sessions to add more detail to your notes or fill in a little piece of info you might have missed How do you get the most out of your lectures? 📥 #law #llb #ulaw #liveprospectus #stopfordianlaw #2ndyear #lawstudent #lectures #largegroup #materials #studentguide #humanrights #humanrightslaw #familylaw #level5

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