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🌟 Update 🌟 Hey lovelies. So i have been pretty much inactive for around a week now, and I just wanted to update you on how it's going so far, and also that I hope you've all had a fab week 💕 I have been playing catch up alot in the past few days, in an attempt to make sure all my files are in order and all my notes are included within them ready for the LPC exams. My exam timetable was released last week and after an initial look over the dates, I'm not feeling too nervous just yet. I'm really just trying to throw myself into really detailed notetaking, printing everything out and highlighting/tabbing everything up. I'm on week 6 of the LPC now, which has actually flown by! I feel as though up to now, I haven't really engaged in the course as much as I would have liked to but I am slowly getting there. I think after a year out, it's just really difficult to readjust into eduction, especially with the current situation with Covid 19. I have met some really lovely individuals, virtually, who are each on the part-time course with me and I'm really enjoying studying with them. So far, I am just really enjoying the the course and learning all these new things but definitely I think moving foward onto week 7 etc., I really have to focus much more on the preparation/consolidation for the workshops. This has been my downfall but I am fully aware of this, and hopefully I can improve this quite promptly. #studygram #law #legal #lawstudent #ulaw #ulawmanchester #update #blog #blogger #bloggersofinstagram

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