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🌟 Almost there 🌟 8 days to go ... So the panic, excitement, curiosity, and the nerves are all starting to kick in. My books are ordered, I have most of my stationery, the most relaxing place to study and I'm feeling as prepared as I possibly could. This weeks aims are to; 🔮 Complete workshop preparations (there is ALOT) 🔮 Finish purchasing my stationery/writing pads. 🔮 Sort out my files (adding dividers to seperate each workshop, with labels) 🔮 Spend well needed time with my Family/Boyfriend before I throw myself into my studies next week. This is such a crazy time, a time that I never thought would never come BUT I'm here. I'm so ready!! #law #lawstudent #ulaw #preparation #prepared #organised #readytostart #blog #blogger

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