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⭐️WHY LAW? Growing up in a family that fled the Taliban and Afghanistan to arrive in the UK in the back of a refrigerated container, it is perhaps not surprise that I have always been passionate about issues such as migration and the legal rights of refugees. • Volunteering from a young age at the acaa_london a charity my father founded to support refugees, I was exposed early on to the complex legal system that governs us and become passionate about defending the place of marginalised groups, such as refugees, within that system. Working with refugees I have witnessed how different segments of society view the institutions of law and how individuals from different countries view the legal system through the lens of their own history and culture. These experiences and insight inspired my passion for truly understanding the societal, philosophical and human factors that combine to influence our view of justice. • Remember nothing worth having comes easy, struggle brings progress whether you succeed or fail. You either advance or learn from it. If you learn from it, remember that mistakes are proof that you are trying. You’re working on growth. Have a lovely evening x • • • #lawstudent #revision #motivation #solicitor #london #ulaw #lawblogger #tips

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