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Hello Everyone👋🏻 I created this law page as a professional platform for my law journey🛤 This is my first post here, so welcome everyone! My name is Sanaz and I am 23 years old and an aspiring solicitor living in London👩🏻 🎓 I completed my undergraduate study in Forensic Science🧪 at London South Bank University and graduated in 2019👩🏻 🔬This degree opened a gateway for me to be where I am now🔬 During the COVID pandemic I done a lot of thinking💭and decided that it was time for a change in my career and life into something I am more passionate🖤 about and I realised after careful consideration that this is law👩🏻 ⚖️ I applied in September for a law conversion course and now I can proudly say that I am currently a student at the University of Law⚖️ and I am set to start my Graduate Diploma Law in January 2021📚 I have completed my first of many Winter Virtual Vacation Scheme with Legal Cheek💟 and I am currently volunteering at a charity that is close to my heart as well as my community which is Cancer Research🧬 This account has been created for one clear purpose and that is to keep track of my journey📝 and include all my progress every step of the way (including both the highs and the lows)🎢 Anyone else who is on this path know how competitive/difficult it can be so in turn hopefully this will motivate and inspire others to chase their goals and make them happen too🤍 I have lots of exciting and fantastic things in the pipeline and I am ready and determined to succeed and take all of you on this phenomenal journey🎓💪🏻 #Law #GDL #LPC #VacationSchemes #TrainingContract #Marshalling #Paralegal #Advocacy #UniversityofLaw #ULaw #LawStudent #AspiringSolicitor #GDLStudent

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