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How I found my core module exams; in sum: 👇✨ ✍️ Professional conduct: I thought it went well though I did have to look through the textbook for some of the questions. I wouldn’t worry about the timing ⏱ for this exam ✍️ BLP: the night before and morning of the exam I was so nervous, body full of adrenaline because it was the first long written exam. I think it went all and I owe it all to going through the workshop tasks. Their tax calculation was very fair too but having the company procedures necessary for every decision is SO helpful for this exam as it’s guaranteed to come up ✍️ RE: I struggled throughout the entire course for RE, I thought it was very wishy washy & a “it depends” module. What finally helped me understand the content was the LPC Buddy (genuinely). The advance reading also helped us prepare for the title of investigation question too (again almost always comes up). Coming out, I felt as though this went well too ✍️ DR: then there’s dispute. In my mock I did the best in this module, throughout the course I did best in this module too and then the exam came… I answered the questions to the best of my ability but I didn’t think the questions asked were reflective of the mock or specimen paper. There were 2 questions which I struggled with because I felt as though we hadn’t gone through it deep enough to write a 12 or 16 mark answer to it - they were the niche topics…but I tried and I hope it was enough!! (Definitely my least favourite exam out of them all) Regardless, we’ve done it now and we gave it our best so hopefully it’s good enough!! ✨ #law #student #tips #ulaw #lpc #london #uni

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