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Hello everyone. I have completed my 3 year LLB course last year and before starting my LPC I have decided to take a gap year. I have applied for training contracts at City firms. Just waiting for them to reply. It might seem quite late for applying for However. at my final year, the circumstances of my life had changed and I also had many health issues myself so I could not really apply for any TC’s. I had to take a break from education and studying. Now I am currently working for a High street firm. The reason why I have decided to start blogging is because I want to share my story with you all. I want to show all the students that are going through hard times, that everything is possible. You just have to work hard. We are going to work hard together. Yes we might be competitors. But this does not mean we can’t help each other. I believe that if we work together and help each other as students we would be in a better future. #thelegalgeeks #lawyerlife #thelegalway #success #lawlovers #mylife #uklawyers #ukstudents #universityoflaw

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