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I WON MY FIRST MOOT THIS EVENING. So, at the start of January I was emailed and I frantically applied to be part of the competition, which is crucial experience to get things like pupillage and scholarship for my future at the Bar. I was paired with, the most fantastic guy called Tom and we worked phenomenally well together. The way we worked together was the epitome of team work. Preparing everything from our skeleton arguments, our case law/authorities (which subsequently swung the decision in our favour) My heart was in my mouth when they said ‘right, can the senior appellant start’... oh sh*t, that’s me. It was exhilarating. Exciting. Fun. I came out of my bedroom and shouted to my mum, whilst fist bumping the air ‘WE WON WE WON’. We had individual feedback and mine was finished off with ‘and you will go very far. Flawless performance’. *faints* #ulaw #universityoflaw #moot #mootcourt #mooting #mootcompetition #advocacy #barrister #barristerinthemaking #barristerintraining

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