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BLP exam done ✅ So yesterday I had my BLP exam and whilst I actually enjoy BLP as a topic and found it interesting to learn it was honestly probably the most intense exam I have ever had! I found the whole exam quite stressful and I really can’t tell how it went. I ended up typing until the very last second and by the end my desk was a mess of papers and I was EXHAUSTED! (I actually ended up having to have a nap that afternoon 😅) Some of the questions on both the MCQs and written paper I found okay but others definitely threw me. I was shocked that the procedure question had so many marks awarded to it 😭 At this point I am just glad it’s over (until results on 20 May). I am back at work today - I logged in to see a million emails and tasks to do that had built up over the first half of the week 🤦🏼 ♀️ - and off again tomorrow as my writing assessment is released. How did everyone else find the exam? How do you feel it went? Good luck to all full time and part time students who still have more exams to go! #law #lawexams #lawstudent #aspiringsolicitor #ulaw #lpc #lawschool #examseason #juniorlawyer #lawschoollife #lawblog #lawblogger #studygram #student #lpc #postgradlife

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