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✨LPC books arrived today ✨ My first year LPC textbooks and materials arrived today delivered straight to my door ready for when I start the lpc next week! I’ve finished just over half of my first weekend workshop prep but I’ve still got quite a bit of reading to do so it’s nice to now have the option of reading and highlighting the hard copy textbook now. Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while, it’s been busy at work as there’s several hearings coming up and trying to fit in doing lpc reading and workshop prep has left me with little time to plan or post! 😴 I’ve seen so many helpful posts about how to prepare for the lpc and what to expect and I’m planning to summarise what I’ve personally been doing to prepare. Good luck to anyone else who has started/staring their lpc soon 💗 Let me know if there is anything in particular you want me to cover or post about! #lpcstudent #ulaw #student #juniorlawyer #aspiringsolicitors #lawschool #aspiringsolicitor #law #lawstudentblog #studentlawlife

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