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• HALFWAY THROUGH SEMESTER 1 • Woohooo, it is reading week number 1 meaning I am 1/4 of the way through my LPC LLM with u_law ! I would be telling a straight up lie if I said I was using every day of the next week to catch up on reading and get ahead with prep. This will be me ⬆️ for some of the time as I definitely need to rest and recharge a little 😴 So far so good, I am enjoying the work as I was craving some practical learning and I love finally being able to put the knowledge I gained at LLB into simulated tasks and activities. The workload on the other hand, not so nice 🥵 I’ve managed my time pretty well so far which has helped me to stay on track but it is definitely eating into parts of my week that used to be dedicated social time. Hey ho, it’s not like I can go out to do anything anyway! It has been extremely hard adjusting to learning in silence. ULaw policy requires us to keep our masks on in class and not turn round and talk to each other so we’ve been doing our work in breakout rooms using the type chat function or just working independently with nobody speaking. Last week we moved to online streaming whilst our external operating campus changed the layout of the classrooms and we were finally able to use blackboard collaborate to see and hear each other! We bounced ideas off each other and worked so well and it made such a change to the way we were doing workshops before. We went back to face to face this week and it was a mixture of silence and chat. ULaw has no control over where our external campus provider puts our classes so for two sessions we were in a huge lecture theatre sat 3+ metres away from each other in complete silence, yet in yesterday’s sessions we were sat around large tables and were able to talk to each other and work in groups at a safe distance. I am so happy that I started the LPC LLM this year rather than taking a year out, and if somebody asked if whether would recommend they apply to ULaw I wouldn’t hesitate in saying yes! #ulaw #lawstudent #lpcstudent #lpcllm #classofcovid #lawblogger

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