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~ First week of postgrad is done! Swipe to see a glimpse in pictures. ~ The first week of being back in full time education has definitely been intense. The LPC: The course is as intense as they say. They were not joking when they said you had to put the equivalent of full time hours into it. The materials and workshops itself are enjoyable, they make me feel like I am already in practice haha. Already got first my assessment due so theres no time to play around on this course 😂 Training: I gave myself this week to get my bearings on whether i’d be able to train at the same intensity. Safe to say that i was able too, with a few changes in my weekly plan. Competitions and the reopening of clubs are still uncertain but this is the time where I get to build and develop in multiple areas of my sport, without the stress of competition day performances. Its a blessing and I will not stop. Reality check: Reality of being both a student and developing athlete is that I found myself moving from one motive to the next. Reality is that that is what needs to happen for me to reach targets and stay on top of things. But this is also where self care is KEY. This week self care has been doing a facemask even though it was only Tuesday, walking an extra 30 minutes home to just deload, mid week baths and eating some good food without distractions✌🏻 All set for the week ahead but for now its a rest day😌🙌🏻 #student #studentlife #athlete #london🇬🇧 #ulaw #prospectus #lawstudent #taekwondo

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