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I was listening to a podcast a month or two ago that mentioned tristanharris and The Centre for Humane Technology (formally the Time Well Spent initiative). What I picked up on, that can be easily implemented, is putting my phone in greyscale. I have included the instructions of how to greyscale your phone and how to use the accessibility function to triple click your lock button to switch between greyscale and colour. I have been using it for about 3 weeks and when it is not in greyscale I have less of a desire to check my phone and especially, social media. The intoxicating part of social media is significantly reduced because the psychedelic colours aren’t visible to keep drawing you back in and leaving you in a perpetual scroll. I have added the links on my linktree for the breakdown of all the ways technology may be harming you, and you don’t realise - The Ledger of Harms - and a list of the ways you can take more control of your devices - Take Control - from the Centre of Humane Technology. #studygram #law #lawstudent #tips #lawstudentsofinstagram #thelawyersstudygram #reflection #technology #timewellspent #centreforhumanetechnology #greyscale #takecontrol #study #ulaw #studymotivation #gdl #student

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