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✨ ACHIEVING YOUR DREAMS ✨ One thing you may not know is that I am a BERY strong believe in the law of attraction and manifesting what you want to attract in your life! It’s something I have done for a while now and I can honestly say it’s helped me massively! For those who are not aware of manifesting/affirmations, here is a brief overview of how I put it into practice: ▪️ Write down your dream/goal like you already have achieved it! ▫️Understand how it feels to have achieved it - get emotional about how you would feel achieving it. ▪️ Speak it into existence - say you dream and goals out loud (still like you already have achieved it! How grateful are you for achieving this?) ▫️ Continue to work hard towards the goal - it doesn’t just happen overnight you still need to put the groundwork in! ▪️ Use physical aspects - e.g want a training contract? Create your own offer letter addressed to yourself on Microsoft Word and put your dream firm as the letter head! ▫️Keep your dreams and goals in mind, and be sure to show your gratitude towards it each day. ▪️ Set daily affirmations too to make your day more positive! ▫️ Be sure to show gratitude to the things you already have - anything, could be as simple as the bed you sleep in, the coffee you can purchase, but you must genuinely feel grateful to the universe for having what you have before you can manifest more in your life! ▪️ Finally, stay as positive as you can! Dont let negative emotions pull you in because that will attract negativity in your life! If you get a rejection for example, think of how that your time is still coming. 🌟 Have you used manifesting methods before? 🌟 #studygram #lawdegree #lawstudy #lawblog #lawblogger #llb #revision #lawstudent #lawstudies #futurelawyer #lawschool #studylaw #llblaw #digitalnotes #studytips #studyspo #studystudy #studyblog #studyinspo #studygramcommunity #digitalnotetaking #studyblr #studynotes #studywithme #studying #ulaw #studyblogger #studygrammer #studylife #studyinspiration

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