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✨ How I revised for my June LPC exams ✨ Today I finished my last June LPC exam so I thought I would share with you how I revised for my exams! 📚 Good notes: I cannot stress how important it is to have good notes for your modules. The LPC exams (at ULaw anyway) are open book, and we can bring two lever arch files of notes to each exam. If you don’t have time to write your own, you can purchase notes online. I also recommend using lpcbuddy because their resources are amazing. 📝 Prep and Consolidation Tests: In each module we were provided with Test Your Knowledge quizzes. I made sure to go through these for each module to test what I knew and what I needed to spend more time on, and used this as guidance on how to structure my revision. 📢 Lectures and Recordings: I made sure to go over any lectures and recordings to refresh my memory. I find that I learn better from lectures than reading in a textbook. 👩🏻 💻 Task Feedback: I went back over all of the feedback from our prep and engage tasks as this is relevant for the exams. I made notes on how to answer questions and the steps that have to be taken for different calculations. The feedback lectures can be golden for advice! 🎥 YouTube: YouTube is an amazing platform for learning! If there was a topic or an aspect I didn’t understand, I just searched for it on YouTube! They have so many videos about CGT, IHT and so much more. Just that little bit of extra knowledge to help with the basic learning of the topic. ✏️ To-do lists: Anyone that knows me knows I am all about to-do lists! I made a list for every unit for each module and what I wanted to revise or go over. The to-do lists kept me organised and helped break up revision into smaller chunks so I wasn’t so overwhelmed! How do you like to revise? Best of luck to everyone taking exams this summer! 🌸 #revision #exams #lpc #lawstudent #law #study #legalstudy #lawschool #universityoflaw #lpcelectives #studygram #studyblog #studytips #revisiontips #examseason

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