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Hey everyone! - I have recently started to manage my time and outline how long I will spend on tasks. I have found this so helpful as it gives me deadlines & I feel as though I have accomplished small goals every time I complete a task! - This is how I plan it out: 1️⃣ I write out every task that needs doing within the week 2️⃣ I allocate an appropriate time frame to complete the task based on how much there is to do 3️⃣ I then list them in an order of priority 4️⃣ I allocate appropriate break times - for example: if I am doing 2 hours worth of intense work, I will give myself a 15 minute break - Taking breaks is just as important as being productive! If you don’t give yourself time to relax in between work, whether it’s to make a coffee or do some stretches, you will relieve your mind of stress & increase focus! - How do you plan your time? - Tate 💛 - #law #student #studentblog #studentlife #blog #university #timemanagement #ulaw #lawyer #study #focus

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