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Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a restful long weekend and enjoyed the warm weather ☀️ I was all set to attend my final PSC course today on Care Proceedings at the University of Law, but unfortunately, it's been cancelled for the second time! For my electives I have chosen all modules related to Family Law given that I have done my TC in this area of Law, however, this is not necessary. It’s entirely up to you what you chose to do📚 Now that I am working today, it's time to get our shoes back in the game and plan for a busy week ahead! This week will include the following: 1. Completing 3 weeks training records! 2. Finalising a Questionnaire for client’s review, approval & signature 3. Finalising documents in support of the Questionnaire 4. Finalising first draft of a Consent Order 5. Preparing for a hearing for NEXT WEEK! (I’ll keep you updated throughout my story) If you have a hectic week ahead, you must remember to take breaks and prioritise your tasks to stay efficient and productive. Not only this, remember to make sure to take care of yourself and your well-being. You got this! 💪 Let's make the most of our time and accomplish great things this week! 💗 #goals #studygram #studies #studentlife #universityoflaw #ulaw #traineesolicitor #productivity #busyweek #contentcreator #lawlife #lawstudents #lawstudents #law #instagram #instagood #instadaily

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