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Can you believe how quickly this week has gone by? YES tomorrow is FRIDAY!! This week has been a successful one in terms of productivity. I thought that I may be a little rusty considering the lack of studying I did over the summer, however I think I am settling in to the LPC rather well. I am certainly enjoying the practical nature of it ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป Tomorrow I have my second day of workshops which are on Legal Writing and Practical Legal Research for the Introduction to Professional Practice Module. I wanted to share the methods I have adopted to meet the intense demands of the course and highlight how formulating a structure can help you manage and organise your workload more efficiently. For each workshop I do as follows: I begin by looking through my workshop guide which sets out all of the given tasks required to prepare for the workshop. After familiarising myself with the workshop outcomes, I read the required chapters to help further my understanding and knowledge of the new topic. I have learnt that this is essential in order to complete the prep tasks to the best of my ability and gain the most from my workshops. Creating a checklist and looking ahead at each workshop is vital to allow yourself to enough time to prepare and complete all you need to. I find that the most time consuming activities include the reading and the prep tasks. After the reading, I move on to listen to the lecture and work through the tutorial before completing the online test and the prep tasks. I dedicate more time to working on the prep tasks which are vital to deriving the most benefit from your workshops. After attending the workshop I spend several hours going over the workshop tasks and using the task examples and online tests as a means to consolidate vital information before making important exam notes. I hope that by outlining my way of working has given you a better understanding of what the LPC involves and the structure behind it. Feel free to comment below how you are preparing for the next academic year and the methods you follow to aid you throughout your studies๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿป #liveprospectus #ulaw #law #blog #study #aspiringlawyer #studygram

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