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A very organised start from me this morning after working until late last night to keep on top of my daily tasks! Alongside the prep work I am doing for my first week of workshops, I decided to print out my student handbook and spend a few hours reading over the additional information provided to us. Although, I cannot quite believe how much there is! By reading over this and making note of all the key information, it has really helped me to gain a better understanding about what the LPC entails, how each stage is structured, the changes made to the course as a result of the pandemic, and the criteria for each my assessment (all of which are now online open book examinations). So far this week I have completed the prep work for my first two workshops which are on Drafting and Interviewing. The practical nature of the course is already setting in, I found the workshop scenarios quite fun and I think that I am going to really enjoy the difference in teaching styles. This morning I have my virtual employability session which I am very much looking forward to! I plan on spending the rest of the day preparing for my next workshop in Legal Writing before moving onto my Practical Legal Research which requires the most work. To ensure that I finish all of this by the end of the week, I finally decided to download the FOREST app! I think this is a tool that will really benefit me - especially considering the time I spend on my phone averages at around 8 HOURS per day!! Have you ever used the Forest App before? Let me know in the comments! #law #aspiringlawyer #liveprospectus #blog #studygram

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