Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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Through my work, I have the privilege of engaging with brilliant young minds curious about their future career paths. Such an amazing experience engaging with ambitious young students at Kobujja International School in Kampala. Delighted to see young students taking an active part in their university search and in shaping their future. This was an opportunity for them to discover our Undergraduate degrees in Ø Law Ø Business Ø Criminology Ø Policing Ø Psychology Ø Computer Science At The University of Law, we are driven by innovative teaching, we are constantly expanding our range of undergraduate courses to meet the needs of students and employers, ensuring you gain the skills employers demand. #Ulaw #TheUniversityofLaw #LawDegree #UKBusinessDegree #PsychologyDegree #ComputerScienceDegree #StudyInTheUK

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