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✨PREPARING FOR THE LEGAL WRITING ASSESSMENT ✨ - Most of us have two key assessments coming up which are of legal writing and solicitors accounts. While many may think that legal writing is actually an easy thing to do, in actual fact that always isn’t the case. There are many things that the examiner will have want you to have addressed and covered in your piece of work, so it is vital to ensure that you tackle all the necessary objectives to secure a competent. Below are some suggestions of ways to prepare for the upcoming legal writing assessment: •Read the marking criteria: In order to understand what it is that is asked for you, it is important to read the marking criteria so you know exactly what it is that the examiner is looking from you. •Look over your feedback and mock paper: This is very useful and this will allow you to go over notes of areas to improve on, as well as to see what went well. It may also be useful to re-write the assessment again as this will allow you to get back into the habit of practicing your writing skills, especially if you have been mainly focusing on solicitor accounts. •Go over key sections of the textbooks & completing the consolidation tasks and unit workbook: Again, another vital thing to do. This will allow you to familiarise yourself of how to write a good advise letter to a client. - For the assessment we have 24 hours which is highly useful as this allows you to make sure you mention every detail when writing the letter. Make sure you address the client correctly, as well as their concerns. It’s very important that you read over the exam question/documents given on the day of the assessment very carefully, as anything you may miss can cost you marks. - Just want to say, all the best to everyone- I know you will all smash it! ❤️ I’ll also be doing a post for solicitor accounts as well very soon so keep an eye out for that. 👀 #solicitor #legalwriting #legalwritingassessment #legalwritingskills #lpc #llm #lpcllm #universityoflaw #law #legal #legalblogger

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